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The Strength Athlete’s Guide To Recovering From Back Injury To Winning Again

Gift of Injury

This book is about healing injuries in the athlete’s back and building resilience to compete again. Anyone who trains will enhance their injury resilience and performance by employing these proven principles with athletes.

In the highly competitive world of strength athletics, a back injury is seen by many as the ultimate career-ender. But, if handled properly, it is far from a death sentence. Follow the journey of international powerlifting champion and all-time World Record squat holder Brian Carroll, who can attest to this firsthand.

After a massive spinal compression injury, this remarkable athlete went from 1185 squats and 800 lb deadlifts to unending pain and disability. But, after a fortuitous meeting with leading back expert Professor Stuart McGill, he reset his training and life to fight back to the top of the winner’s podium.

In 2020, the final competition year of Brian’s career, Brian was the first person, regardless of body weight, to break the 1300 lb squat barrier in powerlifting history with one thousand three hundred and six pounds! More importantly, Brian remains back pain and symptom-free nearly ten years later. Glean expertise from McGill and Carroll, both masters in their field, and learn how to orchestrate your triumphant comeback. Whether you are a former champion who has fallen on hard times or starting a new foray into the world of strength training who wants to avoid injury and maximize training, the wisdom within these pages will surely take your resilience and lifts to the next level.

Over 200 full color, rich illustrations demonstrate technique.

Endorsements for Gift of Injury

Bill KazmaierForeword by Bill Kazmaier, 3 time World’s Strongest Man:
“I implore any strength athlete, whether they are injured and at their wit’s end, or healthy and striving to achieve their best with longevity, to read this book. The wisdom in these pages has helped me and Brian Carroll, and it will help you.”

Pavel TsatsoulineFrom Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst, Inc.:
“Gift of Injury is an extraordinary book that proves the adage that safety is not the opposite of performance but a part of it. Packed with priceless cues, it is a must for every serious strength athlete and coach.“

Ed CoanFrom Ed Coan, Greatest Powerlifter of All-time:

“Gift of Injury pulls no punches, sheds light on what injury does to your physical and mental health and explains how to beat injury/pain to be happy once again! Every strength athlete should read this book to pull maximum performance out of the body while building injury resilience.”

Blaine SumnerFrom Blaine Sumner, “Champion of Champions” IPF world record holder and highest Wilks score in powerlifting history:

“Before understanding Dr. McGill’s work, I thought my back injury meant the end of my lifting career. Since absorbing all of his knowledge and applying the lessons in this book to my daily life, my career has been restored. I am stronger than ever – and taking my back health to new heights.”

Stan EfferdingFrom Stan Efferding, Worlds Strongest IFBB Pro Bodybuilder:
“Back Mechanic and Gift of Injury are as much about injury prevention and performance optimization as they are about rehabilitation. And they’re not just for athletes. The simple and effective methods provide immediate and permanent results for everyone experiencing pain. Dr. McGill and Brian Carroll are changing lives.”

Travis MashFrom Travis Mash, All-time World Record Holding Powerlifter, Author, Coach and owner of Mashelite.com

“Gift of “Dr. McGill and Brian Carroll bring you a triumphant story, a coaching/cueing guide, and a blue-print full of principles with 100% unvarnished truth that we as athletes face: Injury happens. In fact, an athlete myself – the opening pages of Gift of Injury truly felt like I was reliving my mid-30’s – where I dealt with debilitating injury on my own, but, without the help of an encyclopedia like GOI. The algorithms in this book are sure to help navigate you toward immediate success not only in a clinical setting but the ever-so-important ‘ultimate performance’ end of the spectrum. I highly suggest this book to anyone who trains!”

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  • Over 200 full color, rich illustrations demonstrate technique
  • A combined 50+ years of experience distilled into the ultimate manual
  • Back Injury is not a death sentence for anyone, even the strength athlete
  • Utilize the steps contained in this book to beat back injury AND return to competition
  • Pain-free? Anyone who trains will enhance their injury resilience and performance
  • Understand the role of the spine and the coinciding muscles of the core
  • Avoid the common myths that are perpetuated in the strength & rehab industry
  • Apply the established principles and nuggets of wisdom proven over and over with strength athletes

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