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Brian Carroll offers various coaching services that can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small. Brian’s 20 years of ‘in the trenches’ lifting, coaching, learning, writing, and rehabbing gives him the unique ability to help you achieve your goals with real-world validity and carryover like nobody else in the industry.


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Brian has worked with all levels of male and female athletes in many respects. He’s coached multiple 2000 raw totals accomplished under 242lbs, 2700lb totals (including himself), and countless totals over 2500lb. Brian admits that he’s made plenty of mistakes in his training over the years. He’s learned the ‘hard way’ as established in his latest book, Co-authored with Dr. Stuart McGill, “Gift of Injury.” But, with these ‘hard-won’ lessons come a lot of wisdom that only those who’ve ‘been there’ can obtain.

Since 2008, Brian has been doing remote, online training/programming/consulting/coaching when he took on powerlifter Zane Geeting as his first client. Ten years later, Zane utilizes Brian’s coaching and 10/20/Life training philosophy. Zane is also an integral part of Team PRS and an endorsed 10/20/Life coach.


“I started working with coach Brian Carroll in mid-2008 as his first online training client. Neither of us knew exactly what to expect, but he was confident in his ability to get me stronger, and I trusted his judgment. By the end of 2010, he had added over 300 lb to my total and taken me to a 2150 lb. pro total as a 220-lb. lifter. Brian’s 10/20/Life principles truly took me to the next level and have allowed me to hit multiple raw and equipped pro totals since.

— Zane Geeting Finance Manager, Pro Raw, and Equipped Powerlifter

“Great coaches know the science of how to expand the biological limits of their athletes, and then respect those limits to avoid injury. Brian Carroll knows how to build an injury-resilient and high-performance strength athlete. He has been there himself and continues to coach others to reach their potential.”

— Professor Stuart McGill- Professor of Spine Biomechanics & Author of “Back Mechanic”

I can’t say enough great things about Brian Carroll, his books, and the methods he uses. My back pain was terrible, and it was so bad I had to brace myself standing at times; the radiating pain was awful. I resigned to live with the pain until I read about Brian’s back pain story and how he treated it. It made me think it was possible to get my life back. After working with Brian via virtual consultations, and virtual coaching, I am pain and symptom-free. I cannot recommend Brian or his books 10/20/Life and Gift of Injury enough! Seek him out if you have back pain!


— Jarred Police B, Police Officer, pain-free powerlifting client

Another substantial success of Brian’s programming, back pain experience, and coaching philosophy is Colin Sorenson. Colin came to Brian with severe back pain, inhibiting his enjoyment of life and robbing him of his ability to lift in the gym.


“We started Colin with only walking and the big 3 exercises, and over the last year, we rebuilt his body and restored his ability to bear load once again, and he is now hitting PRs in every lift. All while remaining pain and symptom-free!” – Brian Carroll

I reached out to Brian after having two herniated discs in my back and being in constant pain. I had been to doctors and physical therapists, but my pain never fully disappeared. After the doctor told me I would never lift heavy again, I was in a bad place mentally and decided to reach out to Brian.


From the beginning, Brian was positive and assuring that he could not only get rid of my pain but could help get me back to lifting. He did a great job of laying out what to expect and what would be expected of me. His guidance was clear and concise, and he was always available if questions or problems arose.


After six months, Brian had me completely out of pain and was helping me work towards gaining back my strength. He was especially great to work with during this time as he clearly explained what was changing and what I still needed to pay attention to regarding returning back pain.
Fast forward a year post-injury, I was out of pain and had a new PR on all my lifts. Through Brian’s coaching and help, my lifts significantly improved beyond where they were pre-injury.


Deadlift: 50-pound PR
Squat: 60-pound PR
Bench: 30-pound PR

— Colin Sorrenson, Former back client and powerlifter

For over fourteen years, Brian has produced immense success from all levels of individuals and athletes via virtual coaching. So no matter the goal, whether you want to simply get stronger, compete in powerlifting, tighten up your lifting form, go down a weight class, get healthier overall, lose body fat or whether you require some guidance with a nagging back injury/tweak, Brian has you covered.

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Back Injured Athlete Wanting to Return to Sport 

Nutrition & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance (10 or 20 weeks)

Weight Cut Navigation for Competition (Final 2 weeks of guidance)

Nutrition & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance plus Weight Cut navigation for competition (10 or 20 weeks)

Offseason PowerBuilding Programming & Coaching with Diet & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance with Brian Carroll. (10 or 20 weeks)

Offseason Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (10 & 20 weeks)

Precontest/Peaking Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (10 weeks)

Offseason & Precontest Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (20 weeks)

“My sports history is one of eclectic taste, and at one point, in my younger days, I served many masters. I have devoted my life to exploring physically demanding contact sports and some of the most competitive Strength Sports in the world. After years of Muay Thai, Rugby, Powerlifting, and Strongman, my dance with the devil ended. Ignoring proper day-to-day mechanics, making bad training decisions, and working through what I thought were nagging discomforts, I woke up one day with severe back pain, leg numbness, and little to no range of motion. The freedom of life had been stripped from me. I had heard that Brian had worked closely with Dr. McGill and of how he had become a great example of rehabilitation and recovery. At first, I was hesitant to work with Brian because I was afraid of letting go of my sport, and I knew the discipline required on this path would be unlike anything I had faced before. However, deciding to sit down on a Skype call with Brian, adopt his 10/20/Life approach, and start my journey on my back rehab was life-changing. To many, this may sound over the top or cliché, but to those who have felt real injury and the isolation of back pain, we know very well that the day-to-day demand is like no other. Having been coached by Brian for over a year has completely reinvented my training and perception as a coach and gym owner. What was prescribed to me as an “athletic death sentence” transformed into a chance to come back stronger than ever in all facets of my life and athletic career? I now sit in the driver’s seat of my comeback into Strongman as I seek to return to the national stage, compete at the world level and fight for the state title. None of these would have been possible without Brian’s calculated training, stern weekly conversations, and what he would call my “Gift of Injury.”

— Michael De La Pava owner and head coach of The Battle Axe Gym
Strongman 105kg
Rugby Player (Miami Tridents)
Muay Thai Fighter

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