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Brian Carroll offers various coaching services that can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small. Brian’s 20 years of ‘in the trenches’ lifting, coaching, learning, writing, and rehabbing gives him the unique ability to help you achieve your goals with real-world validity and carryover like nobody else in the industry.


For over fourteen years, Brian has produced immense success from all levels of individuals and athletes via virtual coaching. So no matter the goal, whether you want to simply get stronger, compete in powerlifting, tighten up your lifting form, go down a weight class, get healthier overall, lose body fat or whether you require some guidance with a nagging back injury/tweak, Brian has you covered.

Brian has worked with all levels of male and female athletes in many respects. He’s coached multiple 2000 raw totals accomplished under 242lbs, 2700lb totals (including himself), and countless totals over 2500lb. Brian admits that he’s made plenty of mistakes in his training over the years. He’s learned the ‘hard way’ as established in his latest book, Co-authored with Dr. Stuart McGill, “Gift of Injury.” But, with these ‘hard-won’ lessons come a lot of wisdom that only those who’ve ‘been there’ can obtain.

“Great coaches know the science of how to expand the biological limits of their athletes, and then respect those limits to avoid injury. Brian Carroll knows how to build an injury-resilient and high-performance strength athlete. He has been there himself and continues to coach others to reach their potential.”

— Professor Stuart McGill- Professor of Spine Biomechanics & Author of “Back Mechanic”

Coaching Services

Back Injured Average Mary or Joe who wants their life back


Back Injured Athlete Wanting to Return to Sport


Lift and exercise coaching & cueing to troubleshoot form


Program adherence & accountability coaching


Nutrition & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance (10 or 20 weeks)


Weight Cut Navigation for Competition (Final 2 weeks of guidance)


Nutrition & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance plus Weight Cut navigation for competition (10 or 20 weeks)


Offseason PowerBuilding Programming & Coaching with Diet & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance with Brian Carroll. (10 or 20 weeks)


Offseason Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (10 & 20 weeks)


Precontest/Peaking Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (10 weeks)


Offseason & Precontest Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (20 weeks)

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