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    Skype Consult (30 or 60min) – $125/$249

    In 2020, Brian was the first lifter to break the 1300lbs squat (1306) barrier officially in his 22nd year of powerlifting competition. Brian is also the McGill method Florida Certified provider. Ask Brian anything. Not making progress anymore? Beat down, back-injured, hurting, and sick of it? From what foods to eat, supplements to take and when, live video form corrections and movement evaluations, and obtain guidance toward the direct path to success without having to overthink it.


    Before you panic, sit down for a Video Call or phone call with Brian Carroll, bounce your ideas of him, and get PROFESSIONAL feedback from someone who has certainly ‘been there’ more than once over the last 22 years.

    Consulting Testimonials

    Client testimonial Brian Carroll

    Claudia is back pain-free and currently training to compete in physique

    From Claudia: 
    “I went to see Brian last July (2021). I was in pain (low back) for almost a year straight. Brian did a thorough assessment to explain how to heal my injury; He also explained the process and the importance of stepping back from lifting. I followed his guidance. For seven months didn’t touch a bar. Then, I did the same exercises for seven months to build a resilient core. Finally, 2.5 months ago, I started to lift again. I could not recommend Brian more. He is super knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. He also has a tremendous understanding of the human body and weightlifting. I am now pain-free and pushing toward competition again! Thank you, Brian!”

    Sawyer back pain free

    Sawyer has returned to lifting back pain and symptom-free.

    Sawyer Levy: “I came to Brian about a compression fracture I got on my L3 in late February 2021 due to an accident sustained outside lifting. Reading Brian’s story in Gift of Injury drew me to seek his help. Brian helped me get on the right track with recovery, but the biggest thing was hearing from a powerlifter that had been through this before to stay away from the gym even if I thought I could continue to train. Not just hearing it from the doctor. Brian got me on the right track using the principles of the McGill method, and I am experiencing the benefits of that now. I will continue to work with Brian and recommend any powerlifter, strongman, Olympic lifter, etc., that has a back break or any back injury to do the same. Thank you, Brian.”

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