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Brian sees clients of all walks. He helps them achieve their strength, fitness, and resilience goals. From stay-at-home moms to dads who want to regain their swagger and athleticism once again to those athletes – both current, retired, or even injured and weekend warriors back hurt and have lost their way – Brian can help you get your life back – he’s lived it.


Also, Brian currently consults and is utilized by professional sports teams, their coaches, and individual athletes (both professional and amateur) wanting to learn how to dial in their lifting form on the squat, bench, and deadlift whether an active competitor or not. Additionally, Brian does small private seminars and coaching sessions for all levels of the lifter or athlete, regardless of the end goal, at PRS HQ weekly. So regardless of your potential or current strength or injury level, if you are willing to put the work and time in, Brian is interested in working with you and doing his very best to help you achieve your goals.


Train with Brian Carroll in North Jacksonville, FL, at his custom private gym. Brian, now retired from powerlifting competition, has dedicated his life to helping others avoid his mistakes and enhancing performance and athleticism in all walks of life.


If your goals are strength enhancement and injury resilience, then contact Brian!


  • 22 years powerlifting competition experience
  • First lifter to squat 1300lbs in competition
  • Alltime World record squat in 3 separate weight classes (220, 275, 308)
  • McGill certified provider for Florida
  • Author of 10/20/Life, Cutting weight and Co-author Gift of Injury (McGill, Carroll 2017)

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Coaching Services

Back Injured Average Mary or Joe who wants their life back


Back Injured Athlete Wanting to Return to Sport


Lift and exercise coaching & cueing to troubleshoot form


Program adherence & accountability coaching


Nutrition & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance (10 or 20 weeks)


Weight Cut Navigation for Competition (Final 2 weeks of guidance)


Nutrition & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance plus Weight Cut navigation for competition (10 or 20 weeks)


Offseason PowerBuilding Programming & Coaching with Diet & Supplementation Coaching & Guidance with Brian Carroll. (10 or 20 weeks)


Offseason Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (10 & 20 weeks)


Precontest/Peaking Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (10 weeks)


Offseason & Precontest Powerlifting Programming & Coaching (20 weeks)

Visit our McGill Method Certified Practitioner for in-person assessment information.

2hr In person one-on-one coaching with Brian Carroll


Location: PRS HQ Jax, FL

$499.99 USD


Anyone looking for hands-on coaching for the big-3 lifts, program design, exercise execution, programming progressions, form checks, etc. I do it all but in a minimum of 120min blocks.

Contact Brian with any questions.

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