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In this video, Brian discusses back pain with the world’s most respected authority Dr. Stuart McGill on the low back.

What is the McGill Method? In this 4 part series, I ask Dr. Stuart McGill 4 questions.

If you have back pain, here’s 4 mistakes you may be making when trying to fix it! Collaboration with @BrianCarroll1306

If you have back pain bending forward or sitting all day, this video is for you. Collaboration with @BrianCarroll1306

The TRUTH about cracking and popping your back (also called a spine manipulation). Collaboration with @BrianCarroll1306

Improve your pull-ups today with the McGill Pull Up method. Collaboration with @BrianCarroll1306

In today’s video, I’ll be sharing exercises in my experience and practice that can have a positive effect temporarily but can end up hurting you and having a more negative effect in the long run. The exercise I’ll be focusing on is the “Mckenzie Press-Up”.

10 years ago, I learned the this approach to pull-ups from @backfitpro9992 – fantastic approach for strength athletes.

FAQ: should everyone do the McGill big 3 when dealing with back pain?

In many of the sciatic cases I see, they don’t have piriformis syndrome; they have a disc bulge.

(Do these daily) The McGill Big 3: Full Breakdown with Brian Carroll

In this video, 1300+ squatter, McGill Method Certified coach and 10/20/Life creator and co-author of Gift of Injury Brian Carroll working with Dr. McGill creating engrams and perfect explosive movement.

Building core stiffness, and training the brain at the same time.

(Do these daily) The McGill Big 3: Full Breakdown with Brian Carroll

This is also a great warm-up to ensure proper starting position on the deadlift!

Bonus: up the ante with the birddog progression.

Bonus: up the ante with the side plank progression.

Brian Carroll is going to take us through the Mcgill Big 3! These are exercises designed for core stability, and will you ever feel it!

Learn how Brian healed the right way! Explore how you should go about getting your back fixed and get rid of pain the right way and without any snake oil!

Brian Carroll talks about the biggest back pain myths that he has encountered in his career as a powerlifter and McGill certified practitioner.

I had the opportunity to go meet up with Brian and his mentor Dr. Stu McGill, a legend when it comes to low back pain research. Dr. McGill put me through an extremely thorough 2 hour examination.

Dr. McGill discusses my injury, how it occurs, and ways to manage it. He also discusses whether or not I’ll ever be able to compete again. If you’ve ever suffered a back injury you don’t want to miss this!

In this video Dr. McGill breaks down my MRI and injury and we head to Brian Carroll’s gym to discuss how to change my form and adjust my rehab exercises to fully rehab my back and get me back to full strength.

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