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Do you suffer from chronic back pain during your training? Are you sidelined due to a debilitating back injury? Well look no further for answers because we have Dr. Stuart McGill & Brian Carroll here to solve all of your spinal problems!

Gift of Injury – Dr. Stuart McGill, Brian Carroll with Sebastian Gonzales as interviewer. iTunes Session 63 (Releasing Nov 29th): The Gift of Injury with Brian Carroll & Dr. Stuart McGill

BrosDoScience present: The Gift of Injury with Brian Carroll.  In this interview we covered: How important is to have a good mentor, and path of success!, All about Brian’s back injury and why we need to step back and be more mindful, and much more…

elitefts Table Talk Podcast #48 – Brian Carroll | – Today I got Brian Carroll with me powerlifting God let’s just leave it at that make it simple to define and aside from his background which we’ll talk…

On This Episode of Dave Tate’s Table Talk, we welcome our guest Brian Carroll! Dave, Sam, and Brian talk about UFC fights, Jake Paul, CBD, Back Issues, Powerlifting, and more!

Brian Carroll takes a seat in this 181st podcast episode of Dave Tate’s Table Talk—Brian’s fourth time on the podcast. A competitive powerlifter since 1999, Brian Carroll is one of the most accomplished lifters in the history of the sport.

What is the McGill Method? Brian Carroll interviews Dr. Stu McGill – In this 4 part series, I ask Dr. Stuart McGill 4 questions. #backpain #fitness #backpainrelief This video is all about the McGill method.

Getting To Know The Backfitpro Team: Stuart McGill x Brian Carroll – Stuart McGill takes the interviewer seat in this “Getting To Know” series with our Backfitpro team. Brian Carroll is one of our skilled McGill Method Certified Practitioners based in Florida.

Mark Bell’s Power Project EP. 509 – Brian Carroll – From Bad Back To A 1306lb Squat – Brian is a world-class powerlifter with over two decades of world class powerlifting under his belt.

Bromley Talks w/ Lifting Legend Brian Carroll – Brian Carroll is a world-class equipped lifter whose career culminated with a 1306lb squat, which briefly stood as the all-time world record.

Ep 028 In Between Sets Podcast with Brian Carroll – Today’s episode i sit down with Brian Carroll! Brian is a retired world-class powerlifter with over two decades of world-class powerlifting.

Brian Carroll – King of Squats and Former World Champion Powerlifter | NDY 30 – Brian is a former world champion powerlifter who has the biggest squat of all time, like literally ever!

Brian Carroll – Does Flexing Your Spine Lead To Injury And Pain? In this short clip from Episode #105 of the Stacked Strength Podcast Daniel DeBrocke and Brian Carroll discuss the relationship between spinal flexion, pain, individual tolerance and more.

What Does It Feel Like To Squat 1000lbs? | Brian Carroll | Modern Wisdom Podcast 094 – Brian is one of the strongest men on the planet, having squatted 1000lbs+ more than 50 times in official meets.


Brian Carroll – Massenomics Podcast #296 – Big Brian Carroll joined us for this one to talk about writing books, 1,306 pound squats, and back health. We also try to get him to talk a little smack about internet commenters.

Brian Carroll – 1306lb Squat, Fixing Back Pain, Extreme PED Use in Powerlifting

#109 Brian Carroll Power Rack Strength

Bold City Podcast | 013 | Trust in God with Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll – Sam Sulek, Starting PEDs EARLIER?, Biomechanics for Back Pain

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In this video, Brian discusses back pain with the world’s most respected authority Dr. Stuart McGill on the low back.

Sitting down with Dr. Stuart McGill at SWIS 2023

Sitting down with Naomi Sheppard during SWIS weekend. We discuss past injuries, goals, and more.

The complete sit down with Andrew Lock

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