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“When we first booked the seminar for the gym the intent was to help our powerlifting team get better. Now that I’ve been through one of them I truly believe that anyone who wants to pick up a barbell would see a huge benefit. So many of the techniques and philosophies that they teach are nearly universal to any lift you can do. From high school athletes to guys and gals that just want to be stronger, you can pick up some extremely useful info at one of their seminars.”

–Trey Potter, Driven Fitness


“Having Brian and his team out to our traditional gym not only served to educate and increase the performance of our lifters, but set our gym apart by demonstrating our commitment to developing form, technique and PRs. The team’s words and cues live on in the gym among the participants and those willing to learn. Definitely a worthy investment for all concerned!

– Liz Dudek, Stay Fit Gratiot County




From the Clinic to Performance with Craig Liebenson and Brian Carroll

[icon type=”calendar-o”]WHEN: August 20, 2017 (w/ Bonus session Aug 19)

[icon type=”map-marker”]
1-03 J.D. Morgan Center – Press Room
325 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
“The Press Room, located in the J. D. Morgan Center, is just East of Pauley Pavilion and West of the UCLA Store at Ackerman Union. Enter UCLA from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood Plaza. Drive directly ahead to the Parking Information Booth. Convenient parking is at the south end of LOT 4.”

To register or for more information please contact Craig Liebenson

Email: craigliebensondc@gmail.com


Learn how to build robustness & avoid rehab purgatory
Assess the Big 3 Lifts – squat, deadlift & bench press
Identify key assistance moves based on specific dysfunctions
Learn a movement prep starting from the ground up
Link rehab & training to specific performance goals
Athlete-Centered Transferability: it’s not about “winning the exercise”
The goal is the goal & why over-correcting is a real issue
Injury prevention: “slow cook” your fitness
Fitness > Fatigue – how to avoid acute load spikes or chronic under-loading

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