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Since 2014, Brian Carroll has been assembling TeamPRS (Team Power Rack Strength). TeamPRS is an aggregate of some of the best, most experienced Strength Athletes, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Recovery Specialists who take pride and absolutely believe in what we do.

Our athletes dabble in a wide variety of strength sports from Powerlifting to Bodybuilding, Strongman, Weightlifting (Olympic Weightlifting), as well as multi-sport athletes, all of which have found extreme success.

On the surface, it may seem that Brian and his team are just another run-of-the-mill group of strong meat-heads. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Brian’s unique ‘Gift of Injury’ led him to connect with Dr. Stuart McGill in 2013. A leading expert in spine mechanics, Dr. McGill helped propel his knowledge base to another stratosphere. In Brian’s words, “It brought me full circle and made me aware of the many holes I had in my repertoire as a coach & athlete.”

Brian has been extremely blessed to have worked with and continue to work alongside Dr. McGill on multiple projects. This incredible opportunity has immensely aided to round out his ‘in the trenches’ experience with the incredible science Dr. McGill has used to help so many people all over the world.

TeamPRS exclusively utilizes Brian Carroll’s 10/20/Life Strength Training & Gift of Injury approach to achieve the ultimate human performance, regardless of sport or endeavor. TeamPRS also respects and adheres to the incredible methods of Dr. McGill – outlined in Back Mechanic and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance to circumvent, or in an unfortunate case- rehab from injury.

Our training logs and blogs (articles) are a walking, talking, lifting testimonial of Brian Carroll’s strength training approach, with each athlete creating their very own custom approach for their unique and specific needs not limited to: build, goal, injury history, athletic age, biological age, etc.

Many of TeamPRS athletes work in the Strength & Conditioning arena, while others have a completely different chosen profession in Law, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Teaching, the Financial Sector, Military, etc.

Regardless of their chosen occupation and interests outside of strength sports, this team eats, sleeps, and breathes strength training, nutrition, and recovery. Needless to say, we are extremely honored to share this process with you.

We hope you find our content useful, informative, cutting edge and will help you toward creating a sustainable path to a lifetime strength and health.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

— Brian Carroll & TeamPRS


Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll: Carroll is a world-class powerlifter with over a decade of elite lifting under his belt. Coming back from a devastating back injury in 2009 that broke multiple bones and compiled with years of destructive mistreatment to his body, most experts said he would never recover. Nonetheless, Brian returned to the pinnacle of world-class lifting, while successfully becoming 100% pain and symptom-free. He is now dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made through seminars, speaking engagements, courses and private and group coaching.

Andrew Serrano

Andrew Serrano is a full-time strength coach out of Long Beach, California. He received his B.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis in physical therapy From CSU Long Beach and has a background in both competitive powerlifting and bodybuilding. Tired of being the little guy (he wrestled in the 103lb weight class in high school, without cutting weight) he convinced his dad to buy him a Bowflex when he was 15 and found his passion for strength training. Soon after, he joined the local Gold’s Gym where he was lucky enough to find several mentors that he still credits much of his success to. By his 18th birthday, he had won a bodybuilding show and several powerlifting meets, his most notable lift being a 407 bench press in the 165lb weight class as a junior in the APF. Andrew took a break from competing while in school where he gained exposure to the different facets of collegiate strength and conditioning, he even had the chance to work with the Welsh rugby team while studying abroad in Wales. Working in a physical therapy clinic after graduating, he decided the clinical setting wasn’t for him and he’s been working as a private coach for the past 11 years. He combines these experiences to create programs for people that create the strongest version of themselves while staying pain and injury free, this philosophy is what drew him to the 10/20/life style of programming. Although his primary focus is on coaching, he plans on returning to competition in 2018 in the 198lb weight class.

Ben Sheard

Ben Sheard started powerlifting at age 13, competing in single ply from 1999-2004 back in his home state of Ohio. He started powerlifting again in 2014 after struggling with substance abuse/addiction for over 10 years. Competing as a raw powerlifter, he achieved an Elite Total at 198 lbs. Best raw lifts at 198 are 611 squat, 352 bench, and a 606 lb deadlift. Recently made a transition to Multi-Ply in 2017. Coached by Brian Carroll using 10/20 Life, he achieved a Pro Total in his most recent meet at 198lbs. Best equipped lifts in a meet are an 804 squat, a weak 463 bench, and a 700lb deadlift. He is a NASM certified PT, but works full time as a Supervisor at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Deerfield Beach, FL. Currently training out of Boynton Barbell Center in Boynton Beach, FL. Ben will be competing next at the XPC Pro Day in Columbus, where he looks to secure a 2,000+ lb total at 198.

Dain Soppelsa

Dain was first introduced to powerlifting during the summer of 2001 by a group of powerlifters that he met at the local gym, Strength Beyond. His coach had worked out a deal so that members of the football team could train there for the summer to prepare for the upcoming football season. He was instantly hooked and did his first competition at the end of the summer. He played his senior year of football and one year of college football at Hope College, but lifting soon became more important to him than playing football. He stopped playing after his freshmen year of college. He started devoting much more time to powerlifting after that.

Dain has competed mostly as a multiply lifter. He has achieved pro totals in three weight classes: 275, 308 and SHW. His best numbers at 275 are a 954 lbs squat, a 705 lbs bench press, a 705 lbs deadlift and a 2,304 lbs total. His best numbers in the 308 class are a 1,055 lbs squat, a 738 lbs bench press, a 710 lbs deadlift and a 2,435 lbs total. His best lifts at the SHW weight class are a 1,060 lbs squat, an 800 lbs bench press, a 715 lbs deadlift and a 2,500 lbs total. He has done a couple of raw meets. His best numbers as a raw lifter are a 775 lbs squat, a 500 lbs bench press, a 700 lbs deadlift and a 1,975 lbs total. Those lifts were done at SHW.

Dain currently resides in Lawrence, MI which is where he is originally from. He lives there with his wife of 10 years, Margaret and his two daughters. Zoey Lou who is 6 years old and Piper Jean who is 3 years old. Zoey is in first grade and Piper attends ABA therapy in a nearby town. Dain’s wife works for PNC and he is currently a stay at home parent. He is also working on an Associate’s degree in Business Administration at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

Daniel Dalenberg

Dan Dalenberg is one of the original members of the PowerRackStrength team. He has been utilizing the 10/20/Life method and training under Brian’s guidance since late 2010. Since joining the team in 2014, Dan has totaled 2006 raw at 242 with best lifts of an 804 squat, 507 bench and 715 deadlift. More recently, he has transitioned to multi-ply competition, totaling 2400 at 242 via a 950 squat, 715 bench and 735 deadlift.

Outside of lifting, Dan manages research and development projects for a Fortune 300 medical device company. He and his wife Chelsea live in southwest Michigan.

Danny Bellmore

Danny has been involved in powerlifting since 1994. The first swing at a career was short lived due to a major back injury in 1999 that resulted in a 3-level spinal (lumbar) fusion. At that point, he took a 10-year break. Avoiding the gym all together because his body, and back, just never felt right. In 2010, Danny went to handle a good friend at a local meet. That experience re-ignited the fire within and he was back under the bar, never looking back. Danny established an elite total at my first meet back in 2010 and then accomplished a win at the 2012 APF Masters Nationals. Through his win at the APF Masters, he was training using the Conjugate Method, but he wanted a change. He needed a change. Danny reached out to a friend who stated that Brian and the Team Samson Barbell crew ‘had it going on.’

In the process of connecting with Brian, he has endured a few setbacks. During their initial discussions, he had torn my rotator cuff and labrum, along with a separated AC joint. The surgery did not “take” and just nine months later, he was back under the knife for a “do-over.” During the healing process, he had lost feeling and strength in my right arm. Being ever-stubborn, he waited and waited. Danny’s choice to remain stubborn backfired, and I was back in the OR for another spinal (cervical) fusion. Now healed, and a few years under Brian, Danny’s total has moved to 1871 at 165lbs. He doesn’t like to predict or talk about goals, but he wants more, and feels like he has more. Recovering after a freak accident which lead to yet another Cervical Fusion, Danny is currently rehabbing and looking forward to the WPO finals this November.

Derek Wilcox

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Derek Wilcox is a multi-faceted strength athlete currently living in Tennessee with his wife, Emily. He is pursuing his Ph.D. at East TN State for Sports Physiology and Performance. He works through Renaissance Periodization as a Nutrition and Training Consultant and has an impressive personal list of strength accomplishments. Strongman since 2009, National Meet Qualifier in Weightlifting in 2009 at 94kg and 105kg. Class A Highland Games Athlete since 2009. Elite PL Totals at 165, 181, 198, and 220. Pro Totals in 181, 198, 220. All-time WR Squat at 181 with a 935. He is the lightest to ever squat 1000 pounds doing it at 194 pounds. His best meet lifts are 1050 squat at 198, 565 bench at 220 and 725 deadlifts at 220.

Jason Kowalewski

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Jason Kowalewski is an up and coming raw powerlifter residing in Jacksonville, Florida where he trains with Team Samson. In his younger years he was a “gear head” who built his first drag car before obtaining a driver’s license. Within the last 6 years his primary focus has shifted from motorsports to powerlifting. Jason began training under Brian’s tutelage in February 2013. He was actually one of the initial test subjects, hence the name Lab Rat. Since then he has seen significant improvements on all lifts with his commitment to Brian and the 10/20/Life methodology. To date his best total is 1653.4lbs via 633.8lb squat, 435.4lb bench and 584.9lb deadlift at 242lbs.

Jonathan Byrd

Jonathan Byrd is a competitive powerlifter, with over 19 years of training experience. Byrd has been ranked nationally for the past 8 years under multiple categories. His total has ranked as high as second nationally in the 275 class. He currently has a best total of 2500lbs. Best individual lifts include a 1040lb squat, a 755lb bench press, and 735lb deadlift. His 1040lb squat ranks him 26th all-time squats at the 308 class. Jonathan is also one of few lifters who can claim a 1,000 plus squat in 3 different weight classes. Jonathan currently trains out of Team Samson Gym in Jacksonville, FL. Before powerlifting Jonathan was a college athlete at Methodist University as both an all-conference football player and track athlete. Following graduation, he played four years of arena football in various leagues. As a coach, Jonathan has produced a 975 raw squat, 585 raw bench, as well as multiple 800 raw deadlifts. He has also coached equipped lifters who have gone over 1,100 in the squat, 800 in the bench and 800 in the deadlift.

Lisa Guggisberg

A self-proclaimed former high school band nerd turned meathead nerd, Lisa has been coached and mentored by Brian Carroll using 10/20/Life principals for 3 years. She started CrossFitting in 2006 but gave that up after realizing all she wanted to do was squat, bench and deadlift heavy. She now competes as a raw and multi-ply powerlifter in the 114 and 123 weight classes. Lisa has All-Time top 10 totals in both raw and multi-ply in her respective weight classes with a raw pro total of 936 lbs at 114 and a pro 1118 lb multi-ply pro total at 123 and 1090 lb multi-ply total at 114. She is currently ranked the #1 female multi-ply lifter at 123, #2 at 114 multi-ply female and #3 raw with wraps. Lisa has a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration, but hates politics and political debates. She is a mom of two, a firefighter wife and has worked as a full time litigation paralegal for almost 20 years.

Low Country Strength

Will Kuenzel is the owner of Lowcountry Strength ( in Charleston, SC. Will started his athletic endeavors as a pole vaulter; finishing up his collegiate career with a best vault of 16’9” at a whopping 160lbs. He left the track and field world to pursue bodybuilding, his first show in 2005, he won 1st place in Men’s Novice as a middle weight. One year later he took 2nd as a Men’s Junior heavy weight. Since 2007 he has been a competitive powerlifter and totaling elite as a 220lber. His best lifts in multiply equipment are a 710lbs squat, a 605lbs bench press, a 615lbs deadlift and a 1930 total. In 2008 Will started Lowcountry Strength out of his garage. Since then it has moved into a 16,000 sq/ft facility and shares space with a mixed martial arts studio. With all disciplines of powerlifting, strongman, MMA, jiu jitsu and other sports in the Charleston area getting trained under one roof, Will heads up the strength and conditioning for a wide variety of athletes and clients.

Mike De La Pava

Michael “MDLP” De La Pava is currently a competitive Strongman and owner of The Battle Axe Gym. Born in Miami, Florida into a Colombian household, Michael finished his schooling by attending Penn State University where he graduated with a Degree in Psychology. Having his roots in martial arts, he would go on to compete in various sports as a Muay Thai fighter, Powerlifter, and rugby player before committing himself fully to Strongman. During this time, he opened Miami’s first Strongman gym, The Battle Axe, where he currently coaches athletes from various disciplines including powerlifting, MMA fighters, Strongman, officers of multiple authorities and enlisted and active military operators. Competing in Strongman for over 6 years has given Michael the opportunity to rank as high as 15th in the nation (105kg), won Florida’s Strongest man (1st in 2014 and 2nd in 2015 in the 105kg class), lift and load a 420 pound Atlas stone, log press 335, pull 700, and most importantly, share the competitive battlefield with some of the best in the game. During this journey, Michael suffered what some would consider a potentially career-ending spine injury. It was at this time that Brian and Michael would begin working together to not only rehab his spine, allowing him to return to Strongman but also develop a new Strongman training program revolving around the 10/20 philosophy. Strongman and coaching have given Michael the opportunity to travel around the nation and the world to train, coach and be coached, as well as share ideas with various leaders in the strength community. Michael’s experience and network in strongman brings a welcome connection with the ever-growing sport of Strongman to the 10/20 team and PRS family.

Paul Oneid

Paul Oneid is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist and USA-W Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach with 5 years’ experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at various NCAA Division 1, 1AA, Division 2 and CIS Universities. Paul holds an Honors Degree in Human Kinetics, a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and a Master’s of Science in Sports Management. He has worked with many current and past NFL, CFL, CIS, NHL, MLB, MLS, NLL and MLL players. Paul hold’s Master of Science Degrees in both Exercise Science and Sports Management, as well as an Honors Degree in Human Kinetics. He has been ranked in the top 20 All-Time in both the squat and the total. His best lifts in competition are an 805lbs Squat, 430lbs Bench Press, a 725lbs Deadlift and a 1960lbs total performed unequipped.

Currently, Paul works as a Functional Rehabilitation Specialist, as well as a Powerlifting Coach. He is the President of 1-Life Inc. and acts as a consultant for numerous health-focused tech companies internationally. Feel free to follow him on Instagram @pauloneid, or on Facebook.

Team Samson Powerlifting

Team Samson was founded by Adam Driggers who built the Team Samson compound. Some of the biggest names in powerlifting have trained with Team Samson including: Dondell Blue, Al Caslow, and Gary Frank. What began as a small group of members has grown into an accomplished team of lifters that continue to chase after new strength gains. Team Samson is made up of pro lifters Brian Carroll, Clint Smith, and Jonathan Byrd along with lifters in various stages of their lifting career including: Adam Driggers, Keith Price, Filipe Gusmão, Jason Kowalewski, Paul Key, Shane Ford, Stan Mills, Shane Shepperd, and Tony Garland.

Tucker Loken

Tucker Loken is a Bodybuilder turned Powerlifter turned Powerbuilder from living in Venice, CA. Several years ago, he decided to take a step away from a standard bodybuilding routine and learn how to get strong. He worked with Brian for a year, added 200 pounds to his raw total and qualified as an Elite lifter in the 220 pound weight class. He returned back to bodybuilding much stronger and now incorporates the 10/20/Life philosophy into his training to keep himself healthy and making continual progress to his physique and strength. He is a nationally qualified NPC bodybuilder and will be competing to become an IFBB pro over the next few years. As a part of Team PRS, he brings his unique expertise of nutritional knowledge and how to balance Bodybuilding with Powerlifting to help athletes achieve their best potential.

Zane Geeting

Zane Geeting is a pro level raw and equipped powerlifter with elite totals in the 198, 220, and 242 class. Best official raw meet lifts include a 680 squat, 425 bench press, 705 deadlift and 1720 total at 198. Best equipped lifts include a 935 squat, 625 bench, 765 deadlift and 2175 total at 220. Zane was Brian’s first online training client.

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