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Brian Carroll: is currently in a 10/20/Life offseason phase, attacking his weak-points and recalibrating. Having recently released the incredibly successful best-selling book “Gift of Injury” co-authored with Dr. Stuart McGill, Brian has not competed since the Arnold 2017, where he won the 242 class and overall title.

Paul Oneid: 800lb raw squat in 2 weight classes, previously ranked in the top 10 all-time in the squat and total at 242, currently top 20 in the squat at 220lb. Oneid is currently in 10/20/Life offseason training.

Jonathan Byrd: 3 weight classes with squats at 1000lb+ (275, 308, SHW). Also, Byrd is a seasoned coach, having navigated both a 950lb+ raw squat and an 1100lb+ equipped lifter. Byrd is currently in 10/20/Life offseason mode in preparation for the WPO Finals in November (Orlando, FL).

Dain Soppelsa: Pro totals in the 275, 308, SHW weight classes. 1,050lb+ squats in the 308 and SHW class. 800lb bench press at SHW. Dain is currently in 10/20/Life offseason training, looking for a competition summer of 2018.

Tucker Loken-Dahle: is our resident bodybuilder is an NPC overall winner and a 2x nationally qualified bodybuilder. Tucker also has experimented with high-level powerlifting with an Elite raw total in his first ever meet. Tucker is currently working his way up in the NPC national scene and working alongside Brian Carroll on the 10/20/Life ‘Powerbuilding Project.’

Lisa Guggisberg: is ranked top 10 all-time at 114lb in both equipped and raw as well as all-time top 20 at 123lb equipped. Lisa is currently in 10/20/Life precontest training with a target on the APF Women’s pro-am in Cincinnati, OH.

Ben Sheard: has been ranked in the top 10 198lb raw squat & total for the last 3 years. Recently, he achieved an 804lb squat and a 2000lb equipped total in just his second meet. Ben is currently in 10/20/Life precontest training for the XPC Arnold Classic in March in Columbus, OH.

Will Kuenzel: boasts a 610 bench at 220lb (top 5 press). Over the past 6 years he’s handled and/or coached over 30 lifters to PRs at every meet and has never had a lifter drop out of a meet due to injury. Will is currently in 10/20/Life offseason training with plans to compete later in 2018.

Zane Geeting: owns Pro totals both raw and equipped in weight classes ranging from 198-220. Geeting is currently in 10/20/Life precontest training for the XPC Arnold Classic in March in Columbus, OH.

Derek Wilcox: has claimed the #1 ranked squat for 5 years in multiple weight classes. He’s smallest person to ever squat 1000lb, former WR squat in the 181lb class, and has lifted at the pro level PL for 10 years. Derek is also a class a thrower in highland games, and national qualified in weightlifting. Wilcox is currently in a 10/20/life offseason phase with plans to lift in the WPO in November in Orlando, FL.

Daniel Dalenberg: has achieved Pro raw totals at 242 and 275, including multiple 2000 pound raw totals. Dan hit a Pro multi-ply in first multi-ply meet and has since totaled 2400lb at 242. Dan is currently in 10/20/Life precontest training for the XPC Arnold Classic in March in Columbus, OH.

Andrew Serrano: has won 2 NPC bodybuilding shows and benched 407 all at 165 as a junior all within a year of each other. Also, an accomplished trainer and coach, has 3-100+ lb weight loss clients that have kept it off for over a year. Andrew is currently in 10/20/Life offseason training, experimenting with Tucker Loken and Brian Carroll’s 10/20/Life Powerbuilding protocol.

Mike De La Pava: our resident strongman, has competed in a variety of sports from Rugby, Muay Thai, Powerlifting and strongman. Mike is proud owner of The Battleaxe Gym in beautiful Miami, FL. Mike has recently returned to strongman training with the help of Brian Carroll and has his eyes on a competition later this year after over a full year layoff to properly heal his back.

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