Coming back home in so many ways!

What’s up 10/20/Life world!  There are so many things happening right now for me that are all a big transition but it seems like every single one of them are very positive.

Being brought on to Power Rack Strength.
Returning to training for powerlifting from what feels like a decade.
Returning to using Inzer Advanced Designs equipment.
Moving close to graduation in the masters program for sport physiology and performance at East Tennessee State.
Business is going extremely well with online nutrition and training clients.
My wife Emily (who I’m sure you’ll see a lot of on here) is going back to school, working full time in the physical therapy field and being a bad ass football player as well.
Building up my own gym and more!

I’m currently shaking the rust loose after losing 10lbs from bronchitis and food poisoning but things are coming back quickly and Offseason training has begun moving toward qualifying for the XPC Finals at The Arnold Sports Festival in 2017.  I still have a lot of proving to do on the platform to myself and a few others as well.  Things will be getting real very soon.

Training and videos soon to come!

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Derek Wilcox

Derek Wilcox is a multi-faceted strength athlete currently living in Tennessee with his wife, Emily. He is studying at East TN State for Sport Physiology and Performance. He works through Renaissance Periodization as a Nutrition and Training Consultant and has an impressive personal list of strength accomplishments. Strongman since 2009, National Meet Qualifier in Weightlifting in 2009 at 94kg and 105kg. Class A Highland Games Athlete since 2009. Elite PL Totals at 165, 181, 198, and 220. Pro Totals in 181, 198, 220. All time WR Squat at 181 with a 935. Lightest to ever squat 1000 pounds doing it at 194 pounds. His best meet lifts are 1000 squat at 198, 565 bench at 220 and 725 deadlift at 220.
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