Dan Dalenberg | Week 14 | SQ/DL

Training for the XPC/RPS Atlantic City meet on August 29th. I will be lifting raw with wraps at 242.

14 weeks or so out right now. Weights are still fairly light but getting good work in. Body weight is right at 250 and I feel very good. Considerably leaner now than I was 6 months ago and I feel better, move better and have more energy. Turns out being less fat is good. Neat.

Squat- 50% x 3 x 1

420 for 3 singles. Yes it is more than 50% by a little bit. Easier to load.

Deads- 75% x 2 x 2

525 for 2 doubles. Pretty easy.

Pause Squats- 3 x 3

380 for 3 triples

Finished up with leg extensions and curl ups.

Summer Training

Really looking forward to this summer of training. It will be busy with a fair amount of business and personal travel in the coming weeks but I should be able to make it work. So far it is looking like 1 week will be pretty messed up and have to rearrange my training but the other times should work out pretty easy. Really shouldn’t be too bad.

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Daniel Dalenberg

Dan Dalenberg is a pro level raw and equipped powerlifter with elite totals in the 220, 242 and 275 class. Best official raw meet lifts include an 804 squat, 507 bench press, 715 dead lift and 2006 total. Best equipped lifts include an 950 squat, 715 bench, 735 deadlift and 2400 total at 242. Dan has been training under Brian's guidance using the 10/20/Life methodology since late 2010.
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