*Video* 5-14 Down Week Goofs+Technique Work and Highland Games Practice


I’m currently training to qualify and compete at the XPC Finals at the Arnold. I am transitioning my training right now away from weightlifting into powerlifting and hope to change the all time record books once again.


This is my introduction week otherwise considered a de-load week into my next several weeks of threes. I’m excited to actually get to lift something heavy now!  This also means equipment is getting closer and closer as I am adding the reps into the equation now for my squats. Primary bench press will also be using a bench aid in preparation for getting into the venture relatively soon.  This week was all about technique refinement and getting recovered before moving into heavier weights in the coming weeks.

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Heavy Lower Day (Warm ups – Empty bar squats, rotational hip stretches, TFL stretch, bird dogs and shoulder mobility)
PL Squat +Inzer Wraps = 3×3 465lbs
– these moved great and the wraps felt like coming home for the first time in forever.

Sumo block pulls = 3×3 505lbs
– finding a sumo deadlifts set up that doesn’t kill my hip is a little tricky but this should work being moderately close stance.


Heavy Upper Day 1 (Warm-ups-shoulder mobility, chin-ups)
Paused Bench Press + Bench Aid = 3×3 325lbs
– this felt good for what it was, excited to see where I end up in a few weeks.

Overhead Tricep Extensions = 3×3 115
– just reintroducing these after a long layoff. This is easily my favorite tricep exercise.

Pull Ups = Body weight for reps

Highland Game Practice – Weights for Distance

Just breaking some rust off and trying to find my technique again with the heavy and lightweight. Going against most of the advice that I had been given, I tried the wind technique with the heavyweight and it actually felt very good. Wasn’t throwing for numbers in this practice session but trying to hit good positions. I certainly still have a long way to go there.



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Derek Wilcox

Derek Wilcox is a multi-faceted strength athlete currently living in Tennessee with his wife, Emily. He is studying at East TN State for Sport Physiology and Performance. He works through Renaissance Periodization as a Nutrition and Training Consultant and has an impressive personal list of strength accomplishments. Strongman since 2009, National Meet Qualifier in Weightlifting in 2009 at 94kg and 105kg. Class A Highland Games Athlete since 2009. Elite PL Totals at 165, 181, 198, and 220. Pro Totals in 181, 198, 220. All time WR Squat at 181 with a 935. Lightest to ever squat 1000 pounds doing it at 194 pounds. His best meet lifts are 1000 squat at 198, 565 bench at 220 and 725 deadlift at 220.
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