To give some insight to Pauls reply. The gap was 4 years difference. I took over 50 1000lb and 10- 1100 squats during this time. Any never pulled less than 760 in a meet during this time with many in the low 8s in the gym.

  1. What was the time gap between Brian’s MRI Pre and post recovery in the book? – 4 years as discussed above. 
  2. Is it worth another MRI now to see if I have improved any disc space/health? I wouldn’t worry about one if you’re symptom free
  3. Apart from solid nutrition, what other supplements will help with recovery. I take Meriva and Fish Oil on a daily basis. I didn’t use any supplements other than the typical ones in my diet i.e. Multi-vit, etc. 
  4. Has anyone else got pre/post MRI images that show strong disc space recovery? I’m sure there are some but more commonly would be a bad MRI with zero symptoms. 

A couple of things: there are data coming in that shows Turmeric (Curcumin) to possibly hurt strength much like some of the more recent studies on other anti-inflams, so do your research.

Best of luck and thank you!

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