Brian Carroll Training/Rehab update 1.22.19

Rehab is going well overall, no complaints other than I find that without training, I go through serious withdraws and I’m overall less grounded and stable. But it’s just how it goes, I have to learn to enjoy the process more instead of just making it through the process.

I love downtime after a meet, but when it’s forced it’s out of my control and I don’t like this as much, but I have to earn my right to lift again for at least a little while. I’ve made plenty of withdraws, so it’s time to deposit.

Right now, the focus is cervical, thoracic mobility, and shoulder rehab.

One thing in the past I have neglected is my upper back/neck mobility, especially sitting at the desk all day. So, I deserve where I am right now. Either way, I’m learning a great deal.

Check out this video, which is of my friend Andrew Lock from Australia (we met at SWIS), who is helping me with my rehab coaching a few of the exercises I’m currently doing daily.

Over the last month, my focus has been on getting my garage gym together. The wife was kind enough to give me the garage to use some of the equipment I’ve been collecting over the last 12 years. Some equipment has been sitting in the 3rd-car side of the garage for years and only moderately used on my fluff and buff day.

I have a few machines and new bars that are on the way that I’m excited about putting to use, others I’ve already had in place, and some stuff I’ve sold to get pieces to fit better for what I need to do. Ria and I have been busy selling/trading and moving over the last month.

I’m sort of glad that I can’t really ‘train’ right now so I can focus on finishing the gym and somewhat take my time, so I don’t drive myself insane when I can train again with a bunch of distractions and changes.

My shoulder feels good most days and is steadily improving. I have some days where it doesn’t feel so good, but these are also the days I’m least active and or been sitting down at the CPU longer than I should have.

Moving gym equipment all the time, horse-stall mats and 175lb DB’s have not helped my cause, but I’m adapting. Every 5-6 days it’ll flare up, due to lousy sleeping posture or falling off the edge of rehab and pushing it too much. I’m still working on just enough.

Speaking of: Training has not changed too much over the last week/week and a half. Here is where I’m at right now, so I’ve been able to use some KB’s, bands and my lat-pulldown:

Multiple walks per day  (after each major meal)

Cervical & Thoracic Mobility 2x per day (video above)

McGill big 3

Shoulder big 3

Superset 1-arm Pull-downs (lock) with D-ring/cable stack & 1-arm KB rows using the core to support, not a bench to lean on. I do these in a 15/12/10/8 fashion, working heavier, fewer reps.

I do these 2/3 days, then take one day off and only work pull-downs very lightly with a band. I do both cable and band each day.

I guess it’s about time to get some video of this. I’ve enjoyed not having to get video, honestly but I need to do this for my feedback.

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