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Dain Soppelsa Log Offseason Week of 2/25/18-3/3/18

I recently totaled 2,341 lbs in the 308 class. I am currently finishing up my offseason and getting ready to start ramping back up for an RPS meet in May where I will compete as a 275 lifter. Zane Geeting is handling my programming. 


Day 1 Squat/DL 

Warm-up– McGill Big 3, Goblet squats

Deload squats: buffalo bar: raw: 315 x 2 x 3 (RPE 5)

Deload DL: raw: 315 x 1 x 5 (RPE 5)

DB Step-ups: 10 x 2

BB Rows From Floor: 8 x 2

Leg Curls: 10 x 2

Hammer Curls: 10 x 2

Two Finger Plate Pinches: 2 sets


Day 2 Bench Press

Warm-up: McGill Big 3, Band Flyes

Deload Bench Press: 225 x 2 x 3 (RPE 5)

Floor Flies: 12 x 2

DB OHP: 8 x 2

Side Laterals: 12 x 2

Band Pushdowns: 50 reps

Two Finger Plate Pinches: 2 sets


I didn’t get any video this week. Nothing very substantial. I also didn’t get a chance to do my Day 3 training due to being out of town all weekend helping out at the Arnold.

Here’s the run down of my weekend:

Thursday: We headed to Ohio around 11 a.m. We were able to train at the new Elite FTS S5 compound in the afternoon. That place was a powerlifter’s paradise. They had an absolutely amazing set-up. Dan Greene was there while we trained looking huge.

Friday: My training partner Al McClure competed in the 242 clas in the afternoon  raw session on this day. He didn’t have the day he wanted, but managed a long overdue deadlift PR to round out the day on a very positive note.

Saturday: My training partner and PRS teammate, Dan Dalenberg, competed in the multiply division in the 220 class where he managed a 955 squat, a 675 bench and a 675 deadlift for a 2,305 total. This wasn’t the day Dan wanted, but impressive nonetheless.

I met my new PRS teammate, Ben Sheard, who competed at 198 in the multiply divison during this session. Ben got a 720 squat, but couldn’t get a bench press in. I know Ben was very disappointed, but I know he has a bright future ahead of him. Ben’s girlfriend Lyndsay also lifted and had a very impressive day in the raw session later that day.

Another PRS teammate of mine, Zane Geeting, competed raw at 198. Zane got a huge 700 squat and won his class despite not having the day he had planned.

Sunday: We explored the Arnold Expo and headed home in the late afternoon.

I had a lot of fun this weekend. I got to see some big lifting. I got to meet some new people as well as catch up with many others.  I was definitely tired and was on the verge of losing my voice from yelling by the time it was over. I also missed my wife and my daughters very much and I was glad to see them when I came home.

I’m pumped up and motivated after being at a big meet. I am ready to ramp things up and compete again and so it begins…


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Dain Soppelsa

Dain comes to the PowerRackStrength Team with many years of competitive experience. He started competing in southwest Michigan in 2001 and has primarily lifted multi-ply since then. He has totaled pro in 3 weight classes; 2304@275, 2435@308 and 2500@SHW. His best lifts include a 1060 squat, 800 bench and 715 deadlift.
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