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I had knee arthroscopy on Dec 4, 2015 to remove a torn meniscus, as well as a partial lateral release to loosen up my IT band. Training right now is focused on one thing – GETTING HEALTHY.

I had my surgery on Dec 4, 2015.  I was only supposed to have the meniscus removed, but once the surgeon was inside the knee he noticed that my patella was tracking hard laterally and was actually tilted on its axis.  This is not surprising as I have dealt with IT band issues for the better part of 2 years, but I obviously did not realize the severity.  To alleviate this issue they performed a partial lateral release.  Essentially, this procedure involves stripping the lateral quad, IT band and retinaculum tissues from the inside to release some tension.  Finally, I had a Monovisc injection (synthetic synovial fluid) after the surgery was done to assist in the lubrication of the joint.  During surgery the joint is flushed with fluid and it takes about a month to regenerate the synovial fluid lost.  With this injection, I shouldn’t have that delay.

Post-surgery I did not use my crutches and was in very minimal pain.  As of Monday, I had regained full extension and only lacked slight flexion.  Pain by Monday was also down to a 3/10.  The only negative sensation I had was a large amount of pressure in the joint from the excess fluid, and some soreness on my lateral tissues from the release.

1 week post-surgery I have no pain, still some excess pressure and full range of motion.  I am honestly surprised by how quickly I am recovering.  If I could attribute it to anything it would be the pre-hab work I did before the surgery and the fine handy work of my surgeon.


Training for the week was a deload for upper body work.  Next week I will start to rebuild myself.  More on that later…

The same warm-up was performed everyday:

  • Hip circle – 200 steps
  • Supine alternating hip hikes – x30
  • Side lying clams – x20ea
  • Lateral leg raise – x20ea
  • Single leg glute bridge – x10ea
  • Glute bridge iso hold – x:30s
  • Big 2 (bird dog/ mcgill situps)
  • Pallof Press (I prefer this to the rolling plank because it lets me feel the twist in my hips and correct it)
  • TKE Iso-hold – 10x5secx 2-4sets
  • On upper days
    • Band dislocations – 2×20
    • Band Pull aparts – 2×20
    • Mace Swings – lots
    • Pushups with scap protraction – 2×15
    • T-Spine mobilization – 2×5 holds

Monday – Bench

  1. Feet up bench – 225x10x4sets
  2. Incline close grip – 185x12x4 sets
  3. A big superset of pushups, machine presses, flies and pushdowns
  4. Rode the bike on level 5 for 15 minutes

Tuesday – Recovery

  1. warmup x 2
  2. Single leg body weight movements (SL RDL, Split squat, step ups, high box squats)
  3. Walking on turned off treadmill forward and backwards – 20 sets of 30s each
  4. Bike for 10 minutes

Wednesday – Back

10 sets of chest supported Rows

60 pullups

6 sets of pulldowns

8 sets of rear delts

Thursday – Shoulders

Seat BTN Press – 135x10x5sets

Seated NG DB press – 4×12

Upright rows with lateral raises – 8×15 ea

Front raises and pressdowns – 6 sets

Friday – Recovery

Same as Tuesday

Saturday – Bench

Floor press – 225x10x4sets

Wide Grip feet up – 225x10x3sets

Dips – 4×10

DB Flies –  3×15

Triceps – a bunch

Sunday – Shoulders (again)

I had some fun on this day.

  1. handstand holds – 4x:20s
  2. Strict press – 5×10 at 135 (easy)
  3. Handstand pushups – 5×3 on the minute (I am so crossfit lol)
  4. Bradford press – 5×15
    1. superset with lateral raises 5×15
  5. Front raise x20, Band laterals x20, t raise on rings x20 x4sets


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Paul Oneid

Paul is an elite level raw Powerlifter with personal bests of an 805lbs squat, 440lbs bench, 725lbs deadlift and a 1960lbs total in the 242lbs class, as well as an 800lbs squat, 430lbs bench, 700lbs deadlift and 1930lbs total in the 220lbs class. Paul brings a deep educational background to the team as he has earned Master’s degrees in both Sports Management and Exercise Science. He is a former D1 Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, who now works as a Functional Rehabilitation Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Paul provides coaching services in the areas of training and nutrition through his company Master Athletic Performance and is also the co-founder of a technology company, 1-Life Inc. Stay tuned for more information on that in the future!
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