Paul Oneid – Off-Season wk 4

I had knee arthroscopy on Dec 4, 2015 to remove a torn meniscus, as well as a partial lateral release to loosen up my IT band. Training right now is focused on one thing – GETTING HEALTHY.

The same warm-up was performed everyday:

  • Hip circle – 200 steps
  • Supine alternating hip hikes – x30
  • Side lying clams – x20ea
  • Lateral leg raise – x20ea
  • Single leg glute bridge – x10ea
  • Glute bridge iso hold – x:30s
  • Big 2 (bird dog/ mcgill situps)
  • Pallof Press (I prefer this to the rolling plank because it lets me feel the twist in my hips and correct it)
  • TKE Iso-hold – 10x5secx 2-4sets
  • On upper days
    • Band dislocations – 2×20
    • Band Pull aparts – 2×20
    • Mace Swings – lots
    • Pushups with scap protraction – 2×15
    • T-Spine mobilization – 2×5 holds
  • On Lower Days
    • Single leg RDL – 2x15ea
    • Hip Airplanes – 2x15ea
    • Bulgarian Split Squat – 2x15ea
    • Squat Hold – 2x:30s

I implement 10/20/Life a little bit differently than the other team members. I prefer to work off percentages, even in the off-season as I find it keeps me honest and gives me a specific goal for each training session. Weights are light and I am trying to get my work capacity up. This is the beauty of 10/20/Life – It is a philosophy, NOT a cookie cutter program!



First week of a more traditional off-season program is in the books and I feel great!  Bench is feeling really good and my deadlift does not seem to have taken a hit strength wise.  My squat however, feels really off.  I am in no pain at all, but since my injury I have gained a lot of mobility through the hip activation drills I have been doing.  In my normal stance, I am absolutely burying my reps and if I take my feet out a tad wider, I feel unstable.  The squat will be a work in progress it seems.  Bodyweight is down to 228lbs.  Slow and steady dropping to around 218 for my cut to 198 in June.  Plenty of time.

As for my training template, it will be based off the 10 week off-season 10/20/Life template.  I will be rotating through 3 days for each lift – Heavy (RPE based), Repetitive/ Assistance (% based), and Deload (50% singles).  I am going to squat 2x, bench 2x and deadlift once per week.  The only modification I am making to how I would normally train is that I will be squatting high bar on all but the deload days.  I need to get my leg strength back up.

Here is how the week of training broke down:

Monday – Deadlift (Heavy)

  1. Deadlift (5×5 up to top set at RPE 6) – 455/475/495/515 *cut it there.  It was easy, but I didn’t want to push things this early
  2. 3″ Block pull (3×5 at top set) – 515x5x3sets
  3. Chins – 5×10
  4. SL RDL – 4×10
  5. GHR – 4×8
  6. Ab Wheel – 4×10
  7. TKE – 100reps

Tuesday – REST

Wednesday – Squat (Repetitive)

  1. High Bar Squat – 315×10, 335×10, 355×10, 365×10
  2. Front Squat – 265×10, 275×10, 285×10
  3. Shrimp Squat – 3×8 with bodyweight
  4. Chest Supported Row – 4×12
  5. GHR – 3×8
  6. SA Farmer walk – 3xgym
  7. TKE – 100reps

Thursday – Bench (Heavy)

  1. Bench (5×5 up to top set at RPE 6) – 275/295/315/325/335
  2. 2 Board Press (3×5 at top set) – 335x5x3sets
  3. McGill Pullups – 2x10sets
  4. KB Bottom up Press – 4×8
  5. EZ bar French Press + pump out – 3×12+12
  6. Lateral Raise – 3×15
  7. SA Band Extensions – 3×20
  8. DB Reverse Fly – 3×20
  9. Band Y raise – 3×20
  10. Hollow Rock – 3×25

Friday – REST

Saturday – Squat (Deload)

  1. Squat – 405x1x6sets (did an extra set with a wider stance)
  2. Piston Squat with band around knees – 185x20x3sets
  3. Bulgarian SS – 3x15ea
  4. Rack Row – 5×10
  5. Swiss ball Hamstring Curls – 3×20
  6. Band Leg ext. – 3×25
  7. Band Pull through – 3×20
  8. Swiss ball Rollouts – 3×20

Sunday – Bench (Repetitive)

  1. Close Grip Bench – 285x10x4sets
  2. Strict Press – 195x10x3sets
  3. DB Incline – 3×12
  4. Chins – 4×10
  5. Incline tate press – 3×12
  6. Upright row – 3×15
  7. Pressdowns – 3×25
  8. 3D band pull aparts – 3×25
  9. Handstand hold – 4x:30s



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Paul Oneid

Paul is an elite level raw Powerlifter with personal bests of an 805lbs squat, 440lbs bench, 725lbs deadlift and a 1960lbs total in the 242lbs class, as well as an 800lbs squat, 430lbs bench, 700lbs deadlift and 1930lbs total in the 220lbs class. Paul brings a deep educational background to the team as he has earned Master’s degrees in both Sports Management and Exercise Science. He is a former D1 Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, who now works as a Functional Rehabilitation Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Paul provides coaching services in the areas of training and nutrition through his company Master Athletic Performance and is also the co-founder of a technology company, 1-Life Inc. Stay tuned for more information on that in the future!
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