Paul Oneid – Week 12 Off Season



I had knee arthroscopy on Dec 4, 2015 to remove a torn meniscus, as well as a partial lateral release to loosen up my IT band. Training is in full OFF-SEASON mode.  Next meet will be June 18, 2016.

Training got a little wonky this week.  Monday I had started to feel pretty beat up, so I listened to my body and planned to cut a training day this week (deload squat on Wednesday).  I have also decided not to compete at 198, so Scott has adjusted my diet.  That adjustment started with 3 days of 0 carbs.  The diet itself wasn’t the hard part, it was my energy and recovery… which I needed because of how beat up I felt.  I ignored my body, got a massage, some chiro and tried to push through.  This was dumb and I paid the price for it by having a terrible training day Saturday.

Luckily I am not hurt, just sore.  I will be taking this entire next week to deload, and then will be starting my meet prep a little early.  This is probably a good thing because it will let me take things even slower than I had planned.

I am not mad, just annoyed with myself because I know better.  At the end of the day, I am healthy, motivated and the strongest I have ever been heading into a meet prep.  I am excited to see what I can do.

Monday – REST (0 carbs)

Tuesday – Deadlift Accessory (0 carbs)

*Goal was to train… I had zero energy and was sore as fuck.  In hindsight, I should have deloaded everything.  Live and learn.

  1. Deadlift – 455x2x8sets, every minute on the minute
  2. Stiff Leg Deadlift – 315×10,335×10, 345×10, 355×10
  3. Swiss ball leg curl
  4. Inverted row
  5. Ab wheel
  6. TKE

Wednesday – REST (0 carbs)

Thursday – Bench Accessories (Back to normal eating)

*Goal to work on some pauses and get in some volume.  Changed things up since my shoulder was bugging me and did not overhead press.  Everything felt heavy.

  1. Pause bench – 315x5x5sets
  2. Feet up close grip – 275x5x5sets
  3. Dips – 4×10
  4. Pullups
  5. Plate raise
  6. DB cuban press
  7. Pressdowns
  8. Band flies

Friday – REST

Saturday – Squat

*Goal was to work up to a heavy triple.  Warm-ups felt slow and I was in a lot of pain through my IT bands and hips on the first set.  Played it smart and called it.  Light accessories and then left

  1. Squat – up to 535×3… plan was to go 570×3, 605×3, but I will save it for meet prep
  2. Goblet Squat – 3×15
  3. Ring rows – 4×15
  4. Bulgarians – 2x10ea
  5. GHR – 3×10
  6. SLRDL – 2x15ea
  7. Walking lunges – 2x15ea

Sunday – Bench DELOAD

  1. bench – 275x5x3sets
  2. Close grip – 225x5x2sets
  3. Db Bench – 2×50
  4. Laterals
  5. rear laterals
  6. band upright row
  7. band pullapart
  8. tricep pressdowns
  9. Curls

Time to deload, regroup and start this prep!  Slow and steady is the name of the game here


The same warm-up was performed everyday:

  • Hip circle – 200 steps
  • Supine alternating hip hikes – x30
  • Side lying clams – x20ea
  • Lateral leg raise – x20ea
  • Single leg glute bridge – x10ea
  • Glute bridge iso hold – x:30s
  • Big 2 (bird dog/ mcgill situps)
  • Pallof Press (I prefer this to the rolling plank because it lets me feel the twist in my hips and correct it)
  • TKE Iso-hold – 10x5secx 2-4sets
  • On upper days
    • Band dislocations – 2×20
    • Band Pull aparts – 2×20
    • Mace Swings – lots
    • Pushups with scap protraction – 2×15
    • T-Spine mobilization – 2×5 holds
  • On Lower Days
    • Single leg RDL – 2x15ea
    • Hip Airplanes – 2x15ea
    • Bulgarian Split Squat – 2x15ea
    • Squat Hold – 2x:30s

I implement 10/20/Life a little bit differently than the other team members. I prefer to work off percentages, even in the off-season as I find it keeps me honest and gives me a specific goal for each training session. Weights are light and I am trying to get my work capacity up. This is the beauty of 10/20/Life – It is a philosophy, NOT a cookie cutter program!

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Paul Oneid

Paul is an elite level raw Powerlifter with personal bests of an 805lbs squat, 440lbs bench, 725lbs deadlift and a 1960lbs total in the 242lbs class, as well as an 800lbs squat, 430lbs bench, 700lbs deadlift and 1930lbs total in the 220lbs class. Paul brings a deep educational background to the team as he has earned Master’s degrees in both Sports Management and Exercise Science. He is a former D1 Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, who now works as a Functional Rehabilitation Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Paul provides coaching services in the areas of training and nutrition through his company Master Athletic Performance and is also the co-founder of a technology company, 1-Life Inc. Stay tuned for more information on that in the future!
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