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Renton, WA

February 16th 2019

Gift of Injury course with Brian Carroll and Dr. Stuart McGill

Location: Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Renton, WA

Previous Events & Seminars

February 2018: Seminar Schedule announcement coming soon: Gift of Injury with Dr. Stuart McGill and Brian Carroll

March 26-28 2018: Injury Resiliency Summit Las Vegas, NV

April 2018: 10/20/Life Seminar


April 2018: 10/20/Life Seminar

United Kingdom

May 2018: 10/20/Life Seminar

Chicago, IL

Additional Upcoming Events & Seminars

Chicago, IL

May 12, 2018

10/20/LIFE Seminar

London, UK

June 17-18, 2018

10/20/LIFE Seminar

Orlando, FL

June 23, 2018

Speaking to NHL Strength Coaches PHATS/SPHEM 2018

Athens, Greece

September 8, 2018

10/20/LIFE Seminar with Brian Carroll

Mississauga, Ontario

October 2018

Brian Carroll and Stuart McGill will be kicking off their first joint Gift of Injury presentation at ‘Swis’. The Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS) is focused on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries.

More Info Coming Soon…

December 1 2018

Gift of Injury course with Brian Carroll and Dr. Stuart McGill

Location: The Spot Athletics Dublin, Ohio

Seminars with Brian Carroll

What is 10/20/Life? 10-and-20 weeks at a time, for a lifetime of positive momentum in training and in LIFE.

“With my 10/20/Life, my objective is to teach you to get the results you want by coaching yourself—the same way a superior coach would take you through an individualized program in a great gym. We start out with a thorough examination of your weak points because that’s how quality coaching works. The idea is to show you what to program, and when, based on your weaknesses in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. This sounds simple, but it’s something most people don’t even consider, much less put into practice.

From there, the 10/20/Life system takes you through the best injury-preventative warm-up in the industry, followed by a comprehensive layout of coaching cues for each individual lift. From start to finish, you’ll learn what to look for and what to do, and you’ll understand the reasoning behind all of it. By the time you’re finished working your way through these materials, you’ll be able to coach yourself, and others, like a pro.”

What’s included in a 10/20/Life Seminar with Brian Carroll?

What is 10/20/Life? 10-and-20 weeks at a time, for a lifetime of positive momentum in training and in LIFE.

Seminar attendees will be instructed and educated on the following in both a hands-on coaching setting with Brian as well as a lecture setting with power point with corresponding individual handouts:

  • The Cerebral Athlete’s state of mind (24/7 – lessons learned).
  • How to assess and mitigate injury risk in your program.
  • Investing in your body’s finite athleticism and your future (after lifting).
  • Phases of training – Offseason vs Precontest.
  • Repetitions – what range should I be using?
  • What is RPE and when should it be used?
  • Intensity vs Volume – It’s a give and take.
  • Training splits – which one is right for you?
  • Deload – why should you deload?
  • How to create your own custom warm-up – 4 key components – know the why and how!
  • Know the why of everything you exercise you do – picking assistance work and having a precise purpose for everything you program.
  • Everything in training is a risk vs reward scenario – be judicious.
  • Lifters Wedge, what is it?
  • Complete break-down of the squat, bench, deadlift and assistance work.
  • Build resilience and performance at the same time!
  • And so much more!
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Brian Carroll

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Brian Carroll

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