If you’re looking for a candidate who’s devoted to serving the many people of Virginia, Dan Helmer could be the ideal candidate for you. His extensive background in economics and also policy makes him well suited to offer the people of Virginia, and the commitment of his to public service has earned him respect from each side of the aisle. With his family origins in Arlington and his love for helping others, Dan Helmer is a good choice for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

In conclusion, Dan Helmer is an experienced and dedicated legislator who is passionate about representing the many people of Virginia. While there are undoubtedly many other challenges that divide the 2 groups these are the ones which in turn help to keep votes in the Republican fold. Only one suspects that this is what it is all about. For all those folks not worried about the destruction of middle class society by the GOP, a vote for the candidate backed by the Tea Party is a ticket to financial disaster.

The other wing of the Republican Party, represented by the Tea Party crowd, really wants a radically small government that puts corporations before other people as well as wishes to lower taxes. This is a notion that needs to be corrected. What is wrong is that we’re producing the belief that a Republican win will not improve middle class Pennsylvanians. If a candidate cannot be regarded as being for Pennsylvania well then we are left with the option of electing a Democrat or www.vpap.org even an incredibly conservative Republican with a chance of being labeled a RINO.

Austin III (Ret.), former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army Supported the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act which includes provisions that increase access to mental health services for veterans. Fought to block the appointment of Gina Haspel to be the director of the CIA on account of her part in the Bush administration’s torture program. After returning from Afghanistan with PTSD, Dan experienced firsthand the frustrations with our broken health care system along with the failure of our nation to effectively support our troops.

After battling for greater care from the Veterans Administration, he is ready to take that fight to Congress being our soldiers and their families the assistance they need. For Dan, veterans’ health care is personal. As a West Point graduate as well as infantry officer, Dan knows that in order to correct the VA, we must first deal with the device which directs people that are young off to battle.

Dan understands from the time of his in the Army that no one who volunteers to use the uniform on the United States ought to have to stress about how they are going to receive health care whenever they are back home.

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