Most likely if you are falling forward in the hole, it isn’t the suit that needs adjusted. Work on more upper back strength so you can stay more upright, and focusing on your hips opening up. The suit won’t pull you forward unless you are guarding your hips or not locking in your upper back. One exercise you can try doing to make sure that your hips are opening correctly is the hip airplane, which Brain talks about as a warm up in the ten twenty life book. While you are working on your strength and ability to repair these issues, adjusting the suit looser at the thigh should help. The tighter it is on your legs, the more effort (or weight) it will take to push out against.

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Sabrina is owner/operator of Catalyst Training Center in Grand Rapids, MI. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health-Fitness Instruction and has been working as a personal trainer since 2010. Sabrina started her Powerlifting journey in early 2012 when she began her internship at Endurance Fitness Center and was introduced to the sport. Her first full meet was at the Detroit Barbell Relentless meet in November 2012 where she totaled 960 pounds, which was an Elite total and placed her in the raw top 20 all time for the 181 pound weight class. Since then Sabrina has done nothing but win, most recently n 2016 taking 2nd place at Laura Phelps' Cincinnati Women's Pro-Am totaling 1125 raw and 1st place at Relentless Detroit totaling 1443 both in the 198 weight class. Best Raw lifts: Squat - 410 Bench - 240 Deadlift - 501.5 Best Equipped lifts: Squat - 551 Bench - 352 Deadlift - 540
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