Hey buddy, this is all outlined in Sections 2&3.

I was already back to lifting when I went back to see Stu after 6months, so around 6mo total. I was walking daily, doing the big 3, and all of the little things that we outline in section 2 i.e. carries, moving perfectly, goblet squats/swings etc.

In the start of section 3, we discuss the fact that starting with variations of the lifts is a good idea – i.e. not going to full depth on the squat (I started back with the straight bar as I progressed from Goblets) or the pull and I did start back, when cleared of blocks and squatting extra high to keep my back completely locked in.

I hope this helps and best of luck!

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Brian Carroll is committed to helping people overcome back pain and optimizing lifts and movement. After years of suffering, he met back specialist Prof. McGill in 2013, which led to a life-changing transformation. In 2017, they co-authored the best-selling book "Gift of Injury." On October 3, 2020, Carroll made history in powerlifting by squatting 1306 lbs, becoming the first person to break this record. He retired with a secure legacy and a life free from back pain.
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