Ashman – Deload of le back and a way the hell back Wednesday pic

This anti-climactic back workout is sponsored by an old picture of me from a Strongman contest around 1999-2000.

This was the inaugural and I am sure no-longer-existent Keystone Strength Classic.

Here I am tossing a keg over (I think) a 17′ pole. As I look back and watch the keg sail over the pole, the only thought in my head was “get the hell out of the way before I eat this thing on the way down”

I finished 2nd in this contest against a solid crew of people.

On to the deloading of the back which I am sure you cannot WAIT TO READ!

** Dumbbell Row **
– 135.0 lbs x 5 reps
– 135.0 lbs x 15 reps

Wanted one solid set out of these, it has been a while since I have done DB rows and it shows.

** Seated DB Shrugs **
– 100.0 lbs x 15 reps
– 100.0 lbs x 15 reps
– 100.0 lbs x 15 reps

** Lat Pulldown **
– 150.0 lbs x 15 reps
– 150.0 lbs x 15 reps
– 150.0 lbs x 15 reps

** Ring Row **
– 6 reps
– 6 reps
– 6 reps

I always program these in for my CrossFit clients and judging by my lack of reps I need to do more of these. Then again after the rest of the volume I wasn’t expecting double digits in these.

Thankfully it was a deload and my head wasn’t in this fully to begin with.

Deloads do that and it’s something I need to make an effort to not do.

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