Ashman – Road to recovery week 1 – smashing light weights and not dying


Last week I had my appointment with my cardiologist and we went over a few things.

First things first, that day I weighed in at 291 from water retention. That is an extra 40-45 pounds of water from what I should be weighing and that amount of extra weight is absolute hell on you, not to mention how bad it is to hold water like that.

To break it down: you can’t breathe correctly, you get gassed easily, you are bloated as hell, you can’t digest food properly, your heart is working overtime. None of them are even remotely good.

We switched up my beta blocker, subtracted the Lasix and added Torsemide.

This week I am down to 245 with the loss of water weight. 46 pounds of water in one week.

Needless to say, I am feeling much better and ready to start recovering.

I formulated a simple plan in training for the next several weeks while I build back up my base levels of strength, work capacity, tolerance and muscularity.

I actually feel I look a hell of a lot better right now than I have in years and my goal of getting to 235 stays.

As far as the gym goes, I am forced to start off embarassingly easy and light for obvious reasons. But in case the obvious flies over your head let me explain.

  • I just dropped a shitload of weight in one week
  • I have been untrained for a few weeks
  • My heart is recovering from some serious shit

So prepare to be bored reading some mundane log shit and shitty numbers for a while… but if you are curious how I plan to adapt to a new lifestyle, overcome this and get my health back on track over time, you came to the right place.

Buffalo Bar Squat
Set 1: 55 lbs × 5
Set 2: 55 lbs × 5
Set 3: 145 lbs × 3
Set 4: 165 lbs × 3
Set 5: 200 lbs × 3

Laugh it up, I have no choice right now.

Bulgarian Split Squat
Set 1: 12
Set 2: 12
Set 3: 12

Shoulder Press
Set 1: 45 lbs × 6
Set 2: 95 lbs × 6
Set 3: 115 lbs × 6
Set 4: 115 lbs × 6

Pull Up
Set 1: 5
Set 2: 5
Set 3: 5
Set 4: 5
Set 5: 5

Parallel Bar Dip
Set 1: 6
Set 2: 6
Set 3: 6
Set 4: 6
Set 5: 6

Anticlimactic workout, eh? Garbage weights, low volume…. with all the shit I have been dealing with health wise in the past year or so; hip acting up, lower back being a whore again, shoulder issues and now the heart issue… it’s time to start from the floor and reinvent my wheel.

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