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It is less than two weeks until Relentless and the last month has been interesting for me training-wise.

From being sick to having a heart scare (false alarm and back on BP meds) my head is NOT into meet day at all.

If this was a normal meet I would pull out, regroup and pick another one later in 2016, but it isn’t. This meet is different so I will suck it up, do the best I can and enjoy the day regardless of what happens on the platform. If I perform as well as I expected to a little over a month ago when things were going smoothly, great. If I underperform, shit happens and I can’t do a damn thing about that.

I haven’t looked forward to an offseason as much as this one in my entire life. I have shit to fix, strength to gain, humility in training to be had and goals I want to accomplish.

Some of those goals I wrote about in my last training update and I have goals that only myself and my training partner know about so he can hold me accountable to them.

November 7th is fast approaching, I did what I could do and I am ready to hang out with friends, see the kids of Relentless, enjoy some great lifting and hopefully have a good day of my own on the platform.

See you in Detroit.


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