Bench Training 11 Weeks Out

Currently I am 11 weeks out of the WPC Worlds where I am doing bench only, and am an alternate for the full power event. I am going to treat my meet prep very similar as I was doing a full meet, just incase someone backs out at the last minute.

First thing I need to say about this training session is that I get to work with the best team in powerlifting. I have been lucky enough to train at Team Samson for over a year now. During that time I have hit PR after PR all while overcoming surgery from a complete pec major tendon tear. Through a lot of trash talk Adam Driggers and myself competed again in the bench. If you have never spent much time around Adam or any of the Team Samson members, you would know that you better have thick skin! This is our second time doing this, the first time he beat me as we both missed 745 off the 1board at lock out. Since Adam made the decision to stop competing (not stop training) he is as strong as he has ever been. He again jumped in where I was in my training program and forced me to hit PRs to beat him.

The goal for the day was 3board doubles. In previous training cycles, top end lockout has been a real issue for me.
added shirt and 3board
765×2 PR
815×1 PR
855×0 miss with my left arm

My previous best off this board was 765×1, so there has been some nice improvement in my lockout. Thanks again Adam for the kick in the ass, and he gets to pick the terms of round 3!

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