Chris Bartl Training Log 11/08/14

I really have nothing witty or funny to say to start this post.

How about this….hip thrusters still suck.  I am working on an article for the site that will probably crash the internet or at least piss off the cult following of all things hip thrusters.

There.  Glute Clown can finally have his monthly shit fit over someone having an opinion.


Usually I get quite fired up to squat as it is my favorite lift but lately I am hating squat days.  The culprit?  My unrack.  I am so frustrated with how I am taking the bar out that I almost dread taking anything over 400 because I know it’s going to suck.  We have been taking a ton of video and I am trying to figure out what’s going on but at this point I believe it’s all mental.  Like most lifters, I have a check list of things I go through before taking the bar out.  Lately mine has gone down to one point: don’t fuck up the unrack…..and then I usually do.

My first rounds of squats really sucked and I was not pleased.  Pissed off is more like it.  I did not hit a number that I wanted to hit, my unrack sucked some serious hip thruster ass and I was not tight at all.  This unrack situation has my head all over the place.  I was so pissed that once I got done with my normal sets, I stripped off a 45 from each side and with no rest went and did my pause squats.

The kicker?  My unrack felt perfect!

I shut it down after pause squats.  My energy was zapped and I went home and took a nap.


Warm Up

McGill 3


bar 3×10






Pause squat



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