Chris Bartl Training Log 11/3/14

Currently training for the Arnold Sports Festival, March 6-7 in Columbus, OH.  Will be dropping down to compete in the 220 class.  Weight as of this morning (11/5) was 245.

Monday was a squat day.  I like squat day but holy crap am I sore today!  Getting in and out of my Yukon has been interesting as is spotting clients and trying to demonstrate movements.  Felt good to try and push it a little today.  Went with a traditional Texas squat bar to try and work on my unrack, which is a total cluster fuck right now.  Once I get over 400 it all goes to shit.  Not happy about it.  Was also not happy with the weight I put up.  If I want to hit the numbers in March that I want, I’m going to really need to start pushing some more weight.  Pause squats, which are always fun, almost had me passing out, especially on the last set as I held each pause for 3 seconds and 5 seconds on the last.

Then I went into my office and sat in the dark until I could move and do my sled work and sprints.


Warm Up

same shit, different day


bar 3×10

135 x5

225 x5

315 x 4

365 x4



Pause squats

3×8 – 355

Bike Sprints

10 sec on/ 10 sec off

Reverse Sled drag

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