Chris Bartl Training Log 11/8/14

Currently training for the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.  I will be dropping weight classes down to 220 from 242.  Currently weight is fluctuating between 242-245.  This is the tail end of a 5-week offseason rehab phase for a pulled calf.


Sleep is underrated.  I see it every day in my gym and I call people out on it all the time.  If they are going through their McGill three warm-up and are pumping sweat, then go to their first warm up sets and the bar is moving slow I ask two questions: how much sleep did you get and how much did you drink?  More often then not they didn’t get sleep unless it’s a Friday or Saturday then it’s usually a combination of both.  But see that’s the good thing about 10/20/LIFE…you can actually HAVE A LIFE!

With it being offseason, yes I have indulged quite a bit but I needed it.  It allows me to reset mentally and going out and being social helps me maintain some sanity.  Now the lack of sleep I get doesn’t help much but I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead.

That being said, I was in bed by 8:45 pm Friday night.  I knew I had a big day of clients first thing and then a big dead lift session, so I wanted to be rested.  There was a number I had in my head that I wanted to hit and I knew if I wasn’t rested I wouldn’t get it.  So I was smart, stayed home and read a little more of a book that is hands down one of the best books I’ve read about human performance.  I’ll get in to that later…


Warm Up

MgGill 3


Deadlift – conventional stance.  Starting to really really like pulling this way….

135 3×5









Exploding Pull Ups

I lost count but about 10 minutes worth

BB OH Shrugs

275 3×15 – changed grips here and went like this: sumo/narrow grip, conventional stance/normal grip, conventional stance/snatch grip.  Ok snatch grip shrugs are terrible.  I hate them.

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