Chris Bartl Training Log 7/30/14

I was really fired up to train today because I thought I was going to squat and dead heavy again, but alas, when I looked at the program for the day I saw it was a deload week.  The sheer disappointment was too hard to hide.   Looking back, it was a good thing I suppose.  I trust Brian completely with my programming and never doubt (anymore) what he is having me do.

Spent a lot of time on my shoulder again trying to get it back loose and spent a good amount of time on my core during my warm up.  Even though I hate doing them, the McGill ‘3’ work and my back and core have never been stronger.  This was evident during the weekend as I FINALLY got to go surfing.  Even though my shoulder hurt like hell, my back held up just fine with no real issue.  For those that don’t think your back gets worked surfing, you will just have to trust me that it does.  Especially when you heavier.

Everything went well today.  I was a little high on my squats but I was more focused on my unrack than anything else.  Bench really wore me out and by the time I hit the deadlift, I had hit a wall energy wise and was pulling with 0 left in the tank, so those looked and felt sloppy.


Warm Up

Bird Dog

McGill Crunch

Rolling Plank

Goblet Squat


bar 3×10




added briefs

405 x3

added suit


560 3×1



bar 3×10





350×3 – 3 board

added shirt

420 3×1 – 3 board





added suit


490 3×1 [share title=”Share this Article” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”true” email=”true”][author title=”About the Author”]

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