Chris Bartl Training Log 7/5 & 7/7/14

I don’t normally  post two training log sessions in one or I will try to not do that in the future but this weekend was a cluster fuck of busy.  Between moving, 4th of July holiday stuff and traffic, it was a long, hot and sweaty weekend.  These past two weeks have gone by in a blur and this week will go even faster as well, considering I will be driving roughly 730 miles in just under 24 hours.  My hips and ass are already upset.  To cheer them up though, my amazingly hot girlfriend is moving down from San Francisco and I get to visit and train with someone who I admire and respect about as much as anyone in this business, Mr. Harry Selkow.  It’s been great being able to train with him once sometimes twice a month lately when my girl trained with him.  He is such a wealth of knowledge and I love asking him questions.  The excitement he shows in teaching is amazing and I hope one day I will have that same attitude 24/7.


First was my training session from Saturday.  I was pretty wrecked after Friday’s session and didn’t get much sleep Friday night either, but I came in and grinded.  I am doing something different with these “big 3” days where I am changing up the order of the lifts every time.  When Brian asked me why my response was simple “I don’t feel like taking the briefs off just to put them back on again”.  Made sense in my mind and if you have ever had to put gear on and take it off multiple times, you know what a pain in the ass it can be.  Fuck that.  I’m all about simplicity here folks.  Today I wanted to push the prescribed RPE of 7 a little bit by making sure I beat last weeks numbers.  I knew I wasn’t feeling 100% energy wise so I decided to push it a little.


Warm Up

Bird dogs – lots

rolling planks – not as many

mcgills – not enough



135 – 3×3

225 – 1×3

315 – 1×3

add Metal Briefs

365 x 3




Squat – briefs still on 🙂

315 – 3×3

405 x 3

495 x 3

545 x 3


Bench – briefs off…legs happy

135 – 3×3

185 x 3

225 x  3

275 x 3

315 x 3

add sling shot

370 x 3


Dead’s felt good but not my normal snap off the bottom.  Squats felt light on the back and heavy on the legs but by the time I got to bench, my CNS was rocking and I felt I really left some weight on the bar.  Everything felt light in my hands and easy off my chest but I tried to keep in mind that RPE was 7 and not to do something stupid.


Now today’s session.  Since I just moved, my commute to work got about 2,000 times longer.  It was 1.4 miles, now it’s 29.  That’s why I have satellite radio 🙂

So today was day one of my new commute and I was up at 4:45 am.  I had everything prepared so all I had to do was walk out the door, or so I thought.  By the time 10 am came around and it was time for my pre-workout meal of Cream of Rice, almond butter and jelly, I realized two things: 1.  I don’t have any almond butter and B. I don’t have a bowl or spoon.  FML.

With this total lack of sleep brain fart, I decided to take this accessory day and make it more of a ‘fluff n buff’ session.  I kept the RPE around 5 on all movements and was done inside of 25 minutes.

Warm Up

Band Shoulder series

Push ups – lots

McGill Crunch Iso Holds – not enough

rolling planks – 5 sec hold on each position for a lot of these


Group A

DB chest press 3×15

band fly 3×20

band punchdowns 3×25


Group B

Bench Dips 3 sets — got around 20-25 of these

DB OHP 3×10

Lateral Raise 3×12

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