Chris Bartl Training Log 8/6/14

Coming in to today I was feeling a little more refreshed after a cryo treatment Monday and a good meal Tuesday (my girl and I are now doing Taco Tuesday’s at home which is bad ass because there are soooooo many options) and a good night sleep.  I had the little man with me but he was crashed out under my desk and didn’t budge for almost 3 hours.

I wanted a little more in-depth warm up today, so I took my time and did a bunch of stuff.  You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t remember everything as I just kind of did shit.  It is ironic that Brian just posted video of him doing some BB/Piston squats because I have been doing those for a while because they destroy my quads.  I take a much narrower stance than he and really try to use a quick tempo.  Yesterday I could tell I wasn’t all dialed in because for the first time in a while my back pump was pretty bad.  Had to take some extra rest time between movements to let it calm down.

Overall I tried to not push to hard but make little jumps up in the weights used.  Nothing big but more around 5-10 pounds just to make sure I kept getting better from the last time I did this session.  I think people forget that when it comes to pushing and getting better, you don’t always need a 50 pound jump.  If you train the same movement in a training cycle for 20 weeks , lets say rack BB rows and you start with 185 pounds, and you increase by 5 pounds every week, you will have added 100 pounds to the bar from when you started, which is an increase of 65% and that’s just in 20 weeks!  As you can see, you don’t need big jumps to get big results.

Next week is a deload for me and I’m glad.  Body is feeling a little run down and beat up.


Warm Up

Band Shoulder x 20

Rolling Planks x 5 sec pause on each side

Bird Dog x 10 sec pause each leg 30 total reps

Hammer Curls 2×25

McGill Crunch about 50 each side with a 5 sec pause


Squat 3×8 @ 50% raw max

Exploding Pull Ups 10×1

Rack BB Row 3×10

Sumo BB Shrug 3×15

GHR 3 sets – didn’t count reps, just went until it started to get hard then did 5 more

Hammer Curls 3×10

Stir the Pot 3×20 each


Overall I am feeling good but am a little fatigued by this new training cycle.  The deload week is definitely needed this week.

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