Chris Bartl Training Log 9/13/14

Well after taking a week off and getting fat, I decided I should probably do something today.  After speaking with Brian, we have a game plan for my next cycle to get me ready for the Arnold at a lower weight class.  The plan is to drop down to 230-235 and stay, then make the cut.  We are taking this training cycle a little differently as I have a pulled calf that is still healing and will need some rehab before serious training.  So while the master of disaster creates a new plan for me, I stayed to my schedule and did an upper body session today.

NOTE: What I did today is not part of my program designed by Brian.  This is just me, getting antsy and needing to do SOMETHING

Warm Up

Calf Rehab

Band Tricep Pushdowns 3×20

Belly Breath Bird Dogs 3×8 ea.

McGill Crunch 3×10 sec holds

Push Ups 3×10


Floor Press

bar 3×10






Close Grip Floor Press

3×10 – 185

10 Min EDT — alternating between dips and pull ups

Dips – 30 total reps

Pull Ups – 22 total reps

Super Set

Sledge Hammer Tire Slams 

3×10 ea. side w/ 12 lb sledge

DB Bicep Curls

3×10 – 35 lb


Overall felt good to move again.  Still having some left wrist issues that came up at the meet so I wrapped my wrists at 135.  For the EDT, I did this like Charles Staley programs it: 10 minutes alternating movements for max 5 reps per movement.  Dips were easy and cruised but pull ups sucked.  Got me pretty gassed though and I liked being out of breath.  I have a feeling I should get used to being out of breath as I make my cut down.  I see “cardio” in my future….



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