Chris Bartl Training Log 9/15/14

Currently training for the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.  I will be dropping down to the 220 lb. weight class for this meet.  This is all off-season training and rehabbing a pulled calf.


I like lifting weights.  Especially after taking a week off post competition, the feeling of missing the weights and them missing you is extremely addictive.  See, I have an intimate relationship with the weights.  They are trying to kill me, so I try and kill them right back.  It’s a love/hate relationship.

The week off gave me a good chance to reflect back on my last meet and what I really need to work on.  I realized a couple things and the most important one is being held accountable for my goals.  It’s easy to set goals but hard to stick to the plan and not get sidetracked.  So I enlisted the help of a client who happens to be one of the best collegiate pitchers in America, is a future MLB starter , a client and a good friend.  We came to a mutual agreement: we both want more out of each other and we will hold each other’s feet to the fire and make god dammed sure we do not fail.  We have emailed each other our goals and we speak almost every day.  This guy has me so fired and every time I get a message from him, I get jacked up.  He has me so excited to train and set high goals and I know he will not let me fail.

In my humble opinion, every one should have a friend or training partner that holds them accountable.  I do this in my business and that is probably why I have my own gym instead of perving out on my clients in my garage.

I got my new program from Brian and instantly got to work.  My sessions are pretty mellow right now since my main focus is on rehabbing my calf.  So for the next 5 weeks or so a lot of my warm up work will be rehab focused and my cool down will be core focused.  You will get the idea the further along we go.

Warm Up

Single Leg RDL 3×8 ea

Bretzle 1×20 sec hold each side

Side to side Goblet squat 3×8

Calf Rehab

light rumble roller

calf strectch 60 sec ea

split stance calf mob 1×8 ea side



135 – 3×5

225 x5

275 x5

315 x5


McGill Pull Ups

lost count but a shit ton

Dbl OH shrugs 3×15

Airdyne Bike Sprints

5 sec on/ 15 sec off x 10 set


Cool down

3 sets:

bird dogs


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