Chris Bartl Training Log 9/29/14

Well, week of the competition is here.  Not much to do but ideal in the nutrition, relax and wait.  This is the part I hate.  I hate waiting.  Seriously, would rather watch an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo than sit around and wait for the week of a meet to go by.  It does make for something good though because it allows me to sit around and focus on the lifts.  I can go through every aspect of them in my mind and know what they look like before I actually do them.  It also helps me calm my nerves down.  I have a tendency to get overly jacked up before a lift in a meet, so staying in the moment and being calm is huge.

Weight this morning was 246.  I’m in a perfect spot for a tiny little cut, aka little carbs on Thursday and no carbs Friday the day before the weigh in.  I will also increase my water as that is one thing I suck at big time.  I rarely drink more than 2000 ml of water in a day so I will crank it up to a gallon and a half for the week.

Not much else going on, just going to enjoy the week and wait for my buddy Will to get his ass out here.  Then, it’s go time!


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