Dain Soppelsa Offseason Week 7 1/7/18-1/13/18

I recently competed at the RPS Live Large Fall Brawl in Ohio where I totaled 2,341 lbs in the 308 class. I am currently in offseason mode working on my weaknesses. Zane Geeting is handling my programming. I plan on competing in an RPS meet in May where I will compete in the 275 lbs class. 


Day 1 Squat/DL

Warm-up: McGill Big 3, Goblet Squats

Buffalo Bar Squats: raw: 315 x 2 x 5(RPE 5-6)

Conventional Deadlifts: raw: 405, 495, 545 x 3(RPE 7-8)

RDL w/light band: 6 x 3

Hamstring Curls: 10 x 3

Leg Ext: 15 x 3

Close Pulldowns: 15 x 3

Two Finger Plate Pinches: 3 sets


Day 2 Bench Press

Warm-up: McGill Big 3, Band Flyes

Warmed-up to 405 x 1 raw

Shirted Bench: 2 board: 495, 545, 585 x 2(RPE 7-8)

Shirted Close Grip: 4 board: 495 x 2, 545 x 3 x 2(RPE 7)

Rolling DB Ext: 8 x 4

Face Pulls: 15 x 3

Hammer Curls: 10 x 4

Two Finger Plate Pinches: 3 sets


Day 3 Accessories

Warm-up: McGill Big 3, One-legged DL

Seal Rows: 10 x 5

Pulldowns: 10 x 3 + 1 drop set(2 drops)

DB Shrugs: 3 x 25

Dips: 10 x 4

Band Pushdowns: 100 reps

Side Laterals: 10 x 3 + 1 drop set(2 drops)

Band Pullaparts: 100 reps

Two Finger Plate Pinches: 3 sets

I got very sick on Sunday this week. I wasn’t able to train on the day that I normally train due to this. I was able to get my Day 1 session in on Tuesday by myself at the local gym that I train at, Strength Beyond. I was scheduled to be in briefs for my squats, but I didn’t have anyone to help me get my briefs on, so I just did my squats raw. I was happy just to be feeling well enough to get the session in at all, so no worries. Everytime I pull raw conventional deadlifts, I remember how much I despise them…in a good way.

I got my bench shirts back from the tailor this week, so I got into slightly heavier weights this week than I’ve been able to in my ancient back-up. I did forget that I hadn’t had my shirt on since I dropped some weight. So the sleeves are loose and I am shooting to take it to our local seamstress on Monday. I should be good to go after that.

The family is doing well. The kids are back to school which is good for all of us. We had a day this week in Michigan where it was 55 degrees and then the next morning it was 20 degrees…You gotta love Michigan weather. I realize that I’m getting closer to old man status because I complain about the weather no matter what it is, but I’m aware of it, so that’s something. Life is good. No complaints here.

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Dain Soppelsa

Dain comes to the PowerRackStrength Team with many years of competitive experience. He started competing in southwest Michigan in 2001 and has primarily lifted multi-ply since then. He has totaled pro in 3 weight classes; 2304@275, 2435@308 and 2500@SHW. His best lifts include a 1060 squat, 800 bench and 715 deadlift.
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