Dain Soppelsa-Training Log for week of 7/26/17-O.S. Wk 4

Day 1 Squat/DL


McGill Big 3

Goblet Squats

Buffalo Bar Squats RPE 7

up to 555 x 2 Raw

Conventional DL RPE 7

up to 495 x 2

KB Swings

8 x 4

Extra Wide Pause Squats

285 x 4 x 3

Plate Pinches

3 sets


Day 2 Bench Press


McGill Big 3

Band Flyes

2 Board Press w/ long pause RPE 7

275 x 5 x 2

295 x 5

315 x 5

Noodle Press

245 x 5

275 x 5 x 4

Lat Pulldowns 

10 x 3


100 reps

Plate Pinches

3 sets


Day 3 Lower Body Assistance


McGill Big 3

McGill Chin-ups

1 x 10

Bent Over Rows

8 x 3

BB Shrugs

15 x 3

Piston Squats

5 x 3

Goblet Squats

12 x 3

Single Leg GM

15 x 3 per leg


This was another solid week of off-season training spent working on my weaknesses. Day 1 weights all felt light, as they should. I have been having some patella soreness in my right knee, but nothing significant. Conventional pulls felt slightly less awkward this week. I can definitely feel muscles working that don’t get as much work when I pull sumo.

Day 2 kicked my butt once again. The weights are going up a little bit each week and my set-up is getting tighter and more solid. My upper back was destroyed by the end of this session from all the rep work and making sure that I’m engaging my back and lats when lowering the bar. Baby steps…

On Day 3 I tried to just take a minute rest between all my sets. I figure since the weights are lighter on this day it can’t hurt to get through it ASAP and work on my conditioning in the process. My upper back was still sore when I started this workout. I felt it most on the chin ups. Definitely got a good sweat going on this day.

As for my personal life, my 6 year old daughter is on summer break now, but my 2 year old daughter just started a 5 day a week summer program. It’s very strange because throughout the school year it was me and my 2 year old home while the 6 year old was at school. Now it’s the 6 year old at home while the 2 year old is at school. I definitely seem to get more accomplished now that our youngest is in school lol.

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Dain Soppelsa

Dain comes to the PowerRackStrength Team with many years of competitive experience. He started competing in southwest Michigan in 2001 and has primarily lifted multi-ply since then. He has totaled pro in 3 weight classes; 2304@275, 2435@308 and 2500@SHW. His best lifts include a 1060 squat, 800 bench and 715 deadlift.
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