Day Two Seminar Review

Day two of the “Strength for a Lifetime” seminar was outstanding. All the coaches rolled in around 8:15 for the seminar to start at 9:30. I was lucky enough to share my thoughts on sports specific training with the group. For those of you who don’t know much about my background, I am 5ft 10 and fat haha. I was told I was too short, more times than I can count. I knew that if I worked hard enough I could reach my potential. I wasn’t sure where that was, but I had set my mind to find out. Well after being a four year starter at a small college, and nearly four years bouncing around arena teams, I think I proved I could play the game. I was an athlete that was built in the weight room. I was able to block people much larger than me simply because I was stronger, and more athletic. I have coached and watched kids grow into men from the athletic stand point, so when I tell you the weight room is a great equalizer, I mean it!

Scott Paltos followed me with a similar topic. Scott’s athletic background is even more decorated than mine. We did not discuss what each other was going to say beforehand, and of course our views were very similar. I think that is a big key to this team, that although we may go about things in a different manner, our views on topics are very similar.
Brain followed us up (had to save the ugly guy for last), and discussed a ton of different topics related to warming up, rehab, training, programming, and probably a few hundred things I missed. I have to give credit where it is due, Brain did very well. He might never admit it, but he was nervous!

We broke for lunch, and then followed it up with the hands on portion of the seminar. Jordan Wong and I coached the hell out of the squat. We were by far the most muscular and best looking group of coaches in the seminar. Jason Pegg was also working with us, but he brought down the good looking factor drastically. The goal for the squat was not to have lifters push their numbers, but to refine their form using the 10/20/Life principles. I honestly think that everyone who attended benefited from both the lecture and hands on coaching.

Ok, some random thoughts from the seminar
1. Women: There were lots of ladies in attendance, all of whom were there to learn! It was refreshing to see women embrace lifting rather than simply being cardio gym goers.
2. All Skill Sets: We had people from the true beginner (never squatted) to guys with near elite raw numbers.
3. Michigan Barbell: The gym is amazing. It has all the commercial gym things that are needed, along with a separate room for a real powerlifting atmosphere.
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