Jeff Frank, Make Sure You Rememeber The Name!

I have known Jeff for some time now, and we have talked training on more than a few occasions. Going on almost a year now I have worked with Jeff in making a transition into equipped lifting. Jeff was incredibly strong before he and I ever started working together directly. See Jeff has a gift, but the gift isn’t that he has always been strong. I don’t want to steal his thunder as Jeff will soon be joining us on Powerrackstrength, but lets just say every pound he has squatted, he EARNED IT! Jeff’s gift is his ability to work hard, to keep focused, and to go after his dreams. Unfortunately for Jeff, he had an off day at the Olympia and bombed on the squat. He wanted to jump back into a meet immediately. I honestly didn’t want him to do that, generally its not smart. I knew the facts were that I couldn’t talk him out of it. So 3 weeks later, Jeff competed in the USPA Springfield meet. He totaled 2419 in single ply gear, walking out his squats, and pulling raw. I am not sure the number of Americans who can currently do that, but I know its not very many. I give Jeff a hard time (I am an asshole after all!) but the guy is flat out strong, a great client, and a friend. He is going to be a great addition to the team here, so keep an eye out for his log in the coming weeks! Just another client and lifter that proves that 10/20/Life works!

Proud of you Jeff!

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