Jonathan Byrd Bench Training

Bench is moving right along. I am still having issues with locking out my left side, but the issues are now at 100lbs higher than they were before haha.

Bench vs 120lbs in chain
3×50000000 @bar
2×5@135 plus chain
2×3@225 plus chain
1×2@275 plus chain
1×1@315 plus chain
added shirt no boards
1×1@495 plus chain. Got to about a 2board
1×1@585 plus chain. Just missed the touch
1×0@675 plus chain. Set up was poor and just an ugly rep. I tried to baby it on the way down and that just doesn’t work well for me.
1×1@675 plus chain. Moved well this time, still a shaky lockout at best on my left side but I will take it!

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