Jonathan Byrd Week 2 10/20/Life

Training is back in full swing, as well is the school year. The first two weeks of both have been pretty successful.

Monday’s Bench: The goal was to work some 3 board to start building some more triceps as I head into the WPC Worlds. Today was the first time in awhile my pec has given me any troubles. I was having a lot of difficulty keeping that side tight and elbows from flaring. Either way I got some quality work in. I finished the last set at 455.

Wednesday: This is my normal squat/dead aux day, but my dog is having some health issues. He had a small surgery, and it was more important to me to make sure he was doing ok rather than train. On a bright note he is moving around good and seems to be feeling much better.

Saturday: I decided to throw on some briefs and train today. I worked up to 605 raw, then added briefs. From there I did singles until 875. I called it there to save some for next time through. By the time I made it to the deadlift, the heat index had hit 108. Needless to say it was rather hot in the gym. I worked up to a few singles at 405 using sumo stance and called it there. These were my first sumo pulls since the meet in May, and I felt the starting position was pretty solid.
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