LCS 11 Weeks Out, Session 4

Totally forgot how much suited squatting can take it out of you.  And how precise the technique needs to be.  Took me forever to find my foot placement again.



There’s a small group of us that’ll be competing Oct 28th at the RPS Revenant Rising in Wilmington, NC.

As always, a big thanks to Inzer Advance Designs and Captain Jacked for their continued support of TeamPRS.



Right knee has been really bugging me for a couple months.  It’s finally starting to abate a little but definitely makes getting in all the work I need a challenge.  Straight bar work doesn’t seem to bother it as bad but dammit the pause squats were really rough on that knee.


Warm Up Sets Reps  
prowler 2 40 yards
bird dogs 2 15
Goblet squat 2 10
TKEs 2 15
Exercise: % or RPE Sets Reps
squats 75% 4 3
full gear
  straps down
Pause squats RPE Sets Reps
Equipment: RPE 7 4 6
  w/ chains
in briefs  
walking lunges Sets Reps
90 second RI 3 10
step ups Sets Reps
90 second RI 3 10
Stir the pots Sets Reps
90 second RI 5 15
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