LCS Offseason: Week 1, Session 2

Using an old, old shirt!

Lowcountry Strength is currently in our off season training.  Lots of different things going on right now.  I’ve moved the group into a higher volume phase while I’m working with Zane Geeting for my training.  Pretty cool to see quite a few different things happening for all the folks here. 

As always, a big thanks to Inzer Advance Designs and Captain Jacked for their continued support of TeamPRS.


The goal for today was to work into an older, more broken in shirt and play with the sleeves and chest panel a bit more before I get back into my tighter shirt.  This was a 2ply 56 SDP and my normal shirt is a 3ply 54 SDP.  Prior to playing with the sleeves and chest plate, I would have said this shirt just wasn’t enough for me.  I’ve been using this shirt to help get newbies into shirts.  It’s got good play and good stretch making it an excellent shirt to start with.  It’s a couple years old and has seen quite a few lifters but it’s still holding up pretty well.

As always, McGill Big 3 to warm up and a few extra shoulder movements to get things going.


bar x10 x2sets




add 3board:


add shirt and still to a 3bd:


455×1 (spotter screwed up, thanks Dub!  haha!)

455×3 x3sets

Added 3 sets of chain:

405×3 to a 3board

425×3 to 3bd

405×3 to 3bd (changed the chain set up a bit to have more chain at the top and more to deload)

Overall, pretty happy with this.  Lockout is definitely my weak spot.


Dips: 5 sets of 10

Wide grip pulldowns: 5 sets of 8

Lateral raises SS w/ face pulls: 4 sets of 12 and 15 respectively


Little pic of where I was trying to get the collar and sleeves.  Finally got it nailed down by the last set or 2 of chain work.  It’s starting to make more sense now.

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