Lisa Guggisberg-MEAT Wrap up, Jack Daniels Cupcakes and Confidence Restored

I am currently getting ready for the RPS meet in Fort Meyers, FL on October 2, 2015.  I am not cutting weight and will be moving up to the 123 weight class in wraps for this meet.

Back at Team Samson this past week to get some more time under the monolift.  This was my last heavy squat session before the meet.  I prepped the day before making sure I got enough fluids, got all my meals in and took a rest day.  I went in with a much more aggressive mind set. Brian and the guys coached me through my squats giving me keys and I am feeling confident about my squat again.  Brian and Todd, who is my ride or die handler, discussed the game plan for meet day and I am feeling ready.

Check out the new ladies racer back tanks here.  They are super comfy and my new favorite shirt to live in.


Warm up

McGill Big 3

Goblet squats

Squat Work

Bar (60 lbs) 2 x 10

110 x 5

150 x 3

200 x 2

250 x 1

275 x 1 wraps on

315 x 1 wraps on

350 x 1 wraps on


135 x 5

185 x 5

225 x 3

275 x 1

315 x 2 Singles

Made some Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey cupcakes.  This was a kitchen experiment and I am quite pleased at how they came out.

I’ll hit my bench opener and then shut it down until the meet.  I’ll do some accessory work and possibly some light chambered bar squats to get some blood flow, but right now the goal is to rest, repair and keep my nutrition straight so I can come in ready to rock.

No weight cut this time, can I get a hallelujah!  No water load, not sauna time, no dehydration!   Saving that misery for the Arnold.

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A self-proclaimed former high school band nerd turned meathead nerd, Lisa has been coached and mentored by Brian Carroll using 10/20/Life principals for 3 years. She started CrossFiting in 2006 but gave that up after realizing all she wanted to do was squat, bench and deadlift heavy. She now competes as a raw and multi-ply powerlifter in the 114 and 123 weight classes. Lisa has All-Time top 10 totals in both raw and multi-ply in her respective weight classes with a raw pro total of 936 lbs at 114 and a pro 1118 lb multi-ply pro total at 123 and 1090 lb multi-ply total at 114. She is currently ranked the #1 female multi-ply lifter at 123, #2 at 114 multi-ply female and #3 raw with wraps. Lisa has a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration, but hates politics and political debates. She is a mom of two, a firefighter wife and has worked as a full time litigation paralegal for almost 20 years.
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