Lisa Guggisberg Offseason Week 2-More Bench Work

I recently competed at the RPS US Open in San Diego, CA where I totaled 903 at 114lb Raw in wraps. I am currently in offseason with plans of transitioning from raw to multiply and doing a multiply meet in the fall.


More bench work in shirt.

Warm up:

  • McGill big 3
  • Single arm KB Swings
  • Front/side raises with 5 lb plate


Bar 2 x10

65 x 8

95 x 5

115 x 3

Paul had idea to add bands going forward.

Bar + black mini monster band x 3

95 + band to 2 board x 3

115 + band to 2 board x 3

135 + band to 2 board x 3

145 + band to 2 board x 3

155 + band to 2 board x 3

155 + band to 2 board x 1 Shirt on

165 + band to 2 board x 1 Shirt on

Having a hard time finding groove which was throwing us off because I was able to get pretty close to it last week. I was going around the bubble and just having a hard time.  Paul decided to pull the band off and see if it was the band.

165 x 1 to 1 board (better groove spot)

175 x 1 to 1 board

Determined it was the band throwing me off. Currently I am not strong enough in tri’s, lats and rear delts to combat the pull of the band to hit the groove.  Also my band set up isn’t ideal, a new rack or bench is in order.

Things learned and cues from Paul Key:

  • When doing raw board work no need to tuck and flair as much. I am already at that lock out spot with the 2 board.
  • For offseason we aren’t going to push the weight as much and stay around 225-250 for shirt work and just learn the shirt. We’ll warm up with raw board work and bands.
  • No alterations to shirt right now until I get comfortable and learn where I need to jack the shirt down. Meet prep time we will jack the shirt down.
  • I was tucking good, flaring still needs work.
  • The reason for bands per Paul: If you can touch in bands you can touch anything. Theory is that the band is heavier at the top and lighter at the bottom, where you want it to be heavier so you can touch easier, ie the weight helping you push it down, so if it’s lighter those last few inches it’s going to teach me to really work and learn that touch.
  • Find the most uncomfortable, painful spot as I am coming down and stay with it. That’s the sweet spot. Gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • I need to slow those last few inches before the touch and control it.
  • Keep pushing the chest up to help lockout. Cue: stay up!
  • Pay attention to my grip.
  • Don’t lose or push shoulders forward, if I get stuck at lockout try rotating tri’s in first. Pushing shoulders is a last ditch effort to lock out.

Accessory Work on Friday

  • Hamer curls 4 10×12
  • Cable curls 3×20
  • Pushdowns-close grip 4×15
  • Driggers’ Presses 4×15
  • Dips 3×20
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A self-proclaimed former high school band nerd turned meathead nerd, Lisa has been coached and mentored by Brian Carroll using 10/20/Life principals for 3 years. She started CrossFiting in 2006 but gave that up after realizing all she wanted to do was squat, bench and deadlift heavy. She now competes as a raw and multi-ply powerlifter in the 114 and 123 weight classes. Lisa has All-Time top 10 totals in both raw and multi-ply in her respective weight classes with a raw pro total of 936 lbs at 114 and a pro 1118 lb multi-ply pro total at 123 and 1090 lb multi-ply total at 114. She is currently ranked the #1 female multi-ply lifter at 123, #2 at 114 multi-ply female and #3 raw with wraps. Lisa has a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration, but hates politics and political debates. She is a mom of two, a firefighter wife and has worked as a full time litigation paralegal for almost 20 years.
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