MEAT prep – washing the fuck away like the sands on a beach, maybe


I have no weights to report, nothing to talk about in the gym other than the strep throat and flu like bullshit I have been battling about 4 weeks out of Relentless Detroit.

This picked the worst time to strike because shit was coming together rather nicely and now… no weights and minimal food for over a week now.


Sure, I am bitching and I don’t care. I am still going to go up and do my best, but I fully expect my best to be a hell of lot worse than I wanted it to be.

Once I recover and get food back in me it will take me a week or so to get back up to training hard again, which means my peak is all sorts of bad.

Life happens, right? Move on and do what you can do.

I won’t lie and say that I am ok with it. I am not, not at fucking all. I trained hard for this and to have the risk of it coming to a screeching halt over a dual sickness pisses me off.

I know, it is about the kids. I love those kids… they deserve the world for what they go through, and that is pretty much the reason why I do Relentless is because those kids are worth every bit of it but not a single one of us wants to go to that platform and be anything less than our best. That is what disappoints me, that I am going to be less than my best because of this.

I am not being pessimistic about this, I am being a realist. But even as a realist I am still going to go for broke and do the best I can.


What about post-Relentless?

What is next for me?

I am taking a year off from competing and worrying about numbers and getting back to having some goddamn fun in the gym.

3 days a week of lifting according to the 10/20/Life Combo package plan with accessory work tailored to my needs. Reps will vary from the main lift as I am going to start building my work capacity back up and my reprehensible endurance.

Accessory reps will be high reps, medium reps, super high reps, whatever the fuck I want on that day which will fit my needs. Somedays will be “get to 200”, somedays will be “4×20”, and somedays may be “3×12 because I am sore as shit”.

Goal is to build muscle to support the main lift and have fun doing it.

Another thing I will be adding back is sled work, sprint work and one day of distance running. For my big ass this distance running will start with a mile and work up in intensity and distance as I adapt.

I figured, we have Crabill, Pegg, Bartl, Paltos, and Cowden who can move weight and move feet… I am fucking tired of being the odd man out. I want in, bitches!

I will be chasing rep records rather than weight records. When I was at my strongest I was moving weight that would laugh at the weight I am using now, and quite frankly that is fucking embarrassing.

I got lazy, I got content and I am fed the fuck up with it.

See you in Detroit and it’s time to get back to work.


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