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Well the meet did not go how I had hoped, but I have to say I had a good time. I got down to Ft. Lauderdale at about 8pm Friday night. I checked in the hotel and meet up with the rest of Team Samson that had made the trip down. We went by and dropped of some extra equipment that we brought down and I weighed in. I was 293 dressed, so needless to say my attempt to bulk failed horribly! The number of lifters was much smaller than we had anticipated. I was only there to do bench only, but with the small number of lifters I knew that needed to change. With Brian having a shot at multiple all time world records, and my training partner Keith having a chance at a major PR day, having another person in the flight could make the difference in rest times. This is where the fun begins.
My goal was still to hit a solid bench, and I knew if I lifted equipped it would hurt that. So what do I do? I just squat in wraps. I have not done anything over 600 raw in a few months, no meet prep, and didn’t even have my belt. Looking back now if one of my clients did this I would freak out on their ass!

Warm ups felt great, so I moved my initial opener up from 600 to 650. The 650 moved very well, and decided to go up to 725. The 725 moved well, so I figured what the hell why not try 800. The 800 moved really well out of the bottom, but I got forward and lost it at the top. Looking at the video I lost all arch and had the bar way to high on my back .Either way I was pleased for just jumping in there and lifting.

Bench warms up went well, despite being pretty tight from squatting. Worked up to 425 off the 2 board and added my shirt. Took 515, 600, 670 in the warm up room, and felt good about my opener. Opened at 725 and touched way to high. Handcuffed myself and hand them take it at the top rather than try to fight and fix it. Came back to 725 on the 2nd attempt and crushed it with ease. Moved to 765 and adjusted the shirt some. Grooved it well, and blasted it off the bottom, but didn’t get my elbows around and threw it into the rack. Valuable lesson learned and I will continue to improve. Was still a 20lb meet PR, so am pleased with the progress.

Now this is where everyone will get their laughs. I decided to finish out the day and see if I could pull a deadlift PR. I threw on my gear and took my first rep at 445 haha. Moved to a mid-500, and then just waited for my opener at 650. Just like it should be it flew up and was basically a last warm up. I made the decision on how it felt to go ahead to 750. Again it moved great off the floor and just at the top, I black out. Thankfully the spotter caught me and luckily the bar didn’t beat my leg up too bad! I woke up to Adam Driggers slapping me and laughing. I have to admit it was pretty funny, but I’m not sure if I am going to care for the internet fame that is coming from this haha.
As always thanks to Team Samson and the 10/20/Life crew that made it down to help out. The meet was nowhere near what I had hoped for(as far as my numbers), but it was a blast to share the platform with my teammates and simply lift like it was a fun training day.
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