Some ASHMAN updates…

First things first; 405 Barbell is no mas and we are now BrewHouse Barbell. Located at 1124 NW 51st Street in OKC, OK.

IMG_22814 power racks, 3 competition benches, a monolift, 3 deadlift platforms with deadlift bars, turf, sleds, stone, a yoke, and much much more. This is worth a trip if you are in the general area as this is the ONLY gym like this in the OKC metro area.

The last few weeks have been amazing for all of us as we have this awesome facility to now call home. This place is outfitted with the best equipment, a great atmosphere of lifters and a lot of shit I didn’t even mention but you have to come in to see for yourself.

As I write this, I am sitting in the gym having just finished up teaching some new people who walked in how to set up, pick and walk with a yoke. Word is spreading fast about us and I can’t wait to see this business grow into something which will be amazing for us all and amazing for the strength community in OKC.


My own training… well this is a big week for me, I am going Thursday to have my cardioversion done. This is when they sedate you and shock your heart back into rhythm. In the meantime I am running a now 4 day version of the 10/20 program tweaked for my needs.

It is laid out as such:

Day 1:

Accessory for lower body
Back accessory

Day 2:

Bench Accessory
Bench Accessory
Back Acc

Day 3:

Unilateral work
Quad Accessory
Hamstring Accessory
Shoulder Acc (3)

Day 4:

Back Accessory (3)
Bicep Accessory (2)

I am sitting around 242 right now after the water loss and I feel great with that weight. I have been increasing my cardio as well as adding more strongman movements to the mix to diversify my training.

I am taking everything slow because I lost quite a bit of strength being sick and dropping all that weight, but in due time when I am 100% I will be able to push as hard as I want and start getting back to my goals.

The steps are being taken to ensure I recover from what I am going through and as much as I hate having to go through it, I am glad I am because it woke me up from some shitty lifestyle choices in a hurry.


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