I am making the switch into single ply and so far the hardest step ive had is figuring out suit sizing, since different companies have different sizing etc (using a firends old metal squatter which is a 52 and far too loose in the torso and straps, however just tight enough in the hips) , i would like to stick to inzer due to reputation, and also need to keep it off the rack for possible IPF affiliated meets. I was looking into the Hardcore suit and wondering if the sizing is true to fit or if I should size up or down? I know since im just beginning a looser suit is of benefit for technique purposes etc. On the inzer sizing chart I am put at 210-235 lbs – 35 size, i float around 215-219 so im thinking this would be a good size or should I size up? And same for the high performance HD blast shirt, should i go true to size (shoulder measurement +2) or size up?

Thanks a lot.

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