10/20/Recovery – Part 2

I’ve been having a good time so far with getting back into the swing of things. I’ll be starting a workout Paul Oneid has given me soon, but in the meantime I’m enjoying exploring some exercises and workouts I haven’t done in a long time.


One thing that was really impacted these last few years has been my overall athleticism and cardiovascular ability. I’ve been warming up on some kind of cardio machine for 5-10 minutes to start my workouts which feels great. I’ve also been doing all sorts of fun low and high box jumps from different angles and directions to loosen up my hips and help with mobility and stability under an uneven environment, but also just to make me feel like I could actually do anything practical in daily life besides picking up a cylindrical metal object with heavy stuff on each end. It feels good and I’ll be talking about this more as I develop a good routine for myself to start some of my workouts that will address my personal imbalances.

Speaking of developing a routine…. I bumped into a triathlon coach the other day and got to talking with him. He does a lot of functional movement and plyometric stuff as well, so I’ll be getting a couple sessions with him to look at my gait and running pattern to see if he can point out any glaring weaknesses. There’s no one (that I know of yet) who’s an amazing weight lifter and specializes in movement mechanics in my area, so I’m hoping that this will be a good means to an end – if he sees that I’m lop-sided or doing something weird when I run, I can be aware and see how it transfers to how I lift. Being balanced and athletic overall is only going to help in a weightlifting environment anyways, so I think this will be a fun to way to both get active in a new way as well as address some issues.

Along with getting a few sessions from him I’ll continue to have Paul assess my training sessions via video and help me figure out some of my inefficient mechanics that have been holding me back and leading to injury.

As far as actual workouts, I’ve just been having fun and hitting some big movements each time I go in and letting my body readjust. I had a fun cardio and plyometric and bodyweight workout that I did on the fly the other day, as well as a more or less full body big movement workout that I did as well.

Big movements day –

All done with a couple warm up sets, RPE of 5-6, and 3 sets of 5. I kept the numbers nice and round and used either one, two, or three plates on each side per exercise

Warm up with 5 mins stair stepper, various box jumps, and core work – bird dogs, glute raises, planks, and hip circles

Bench press 3×5 at 225

OHP 3×5 at 135

BB rows 3×5 at 225

Squats 3×5 at 225

Deadlifts 3×5 at 315

Pullups SS w/ Dips – as many as I could do with my body weight for 3 sets

Plyo day –

I didn’t keep track of any numbers this day, I just wanted to be active and move around.

Warm up with 5 mins stair stepper

Pullups SS w/ dips

Pushups SS w/ bodyweight rows

Front box jumps

Side box jumps

One legged low box jumps

Glute and core work – glute kickback machine, good girl/bad girl machine, planks, static pike hold on roman chair

Finish with 10 mins walking/jogging on treadmill


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Tucker Loken is a Bodybuilder turned Powerlifter turned Powerbuilder from Eugene, Oregon. He did his first bodybuilding show when he was still in high school, and has been training male and female competitors for shows since 2011. Several years ago he decided to take a step away from his normal routine and learn how to get strong. He worked with Brian for 9 months, added 200 pounds to his raw total and qualified as an Elite lifter in the 220 pound weight class. He returned back to bodybuilding much stronger and now incorporates the 10/20/Life philosophy into his training to keep himself healthy and making continual progress in the Big 3 as well as adding size and shaping his physique. Now part of Team PRS, he brings his unique expertise of nutritional knowledge and how to balance Bodybuilding with Powerlifting to help athletes achieve their best potential.
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